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My daughter and I drove to Diamond Lake and walked around the cottages.  We happened upon this beautiful henhouse.  The birds seemed happy.

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  1. So long, there’s no, rooster among them, telling them how they should, live their lives, these hens will, live on, happily…

  2. I am very tempted to get some. My cousin had two and they said they were the friendliest little hens…

    • After reading the book I posted today, I realized what it takes to have chickens. For truly healthy ones, it’s a LOT of work. If you are even thinking about it…I strongly suggest you read up on it. Reading about cured me of the desire to have them.

      • Oh no. I think I am only going to think about it 😉 It is a lot of work! And then you have to find somewhere to keep them over the winter. Too much work for me.

  3. Certainly better off than their factory farmed relatives, but I doubt that they are ‘happy’ living in a cage and not being able to roam and forage freely.

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