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Image from Pexels If you read some of my posts, you know I care about the environment around me and the world. Sadly, it feels that every time I do an environmental post, the topic of plastic comes up. I worry that if we keep not caring and act on the issue, we are the […]

Is Bottled Water Worth The Price? — Mybookworld24

Comments on: "Is Bottled Water Worth The Price? — Mybookworld24" (11)

  1. So tap water generally isn’t healthy but for years I couldn’t afford the $$ needed to pipe in a filtration system. Finally I got an under the countertop filtration system, which works great at a fraction of the price and I have never looked back. for those in apartments I used to go to a store and buy in bulk using non plastic containers – but that was a hassle.

  2. I had a filtration system under my sink at the old house and am definitely putting in another with this kitchen remodel… though honestly, my tap water is fine…

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