Art and the philosophy of life

Nightfall…a poem

Forest, Tree, The Sunlight, Dark

when the forest
settles down for the night
and the light fades
the sounds change
prey and predator
go to their appointed places
some hide
and some
their eyes huge
as mice
run for cover
it’s the nightly game
of survival
we all play it
each and every
one of us


Photo:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Nightfall…a poem" (8)

  1. Lovely poem, nature’s is so beautiful and ruthless at the same time, and I agree we all fight for survival in one way or another. Best wishes👏


  2. In the darkness of the night, is, actually, when things, come to life, it’s just, that we are all, distracted by the light of day during the daytime, that we failed to, notice, them…

    • I think we’re also asleep. There are day and night beings. Each has it’s place. Well, Everything has it’s place, except for us. We just take all the places and don’t care if anyone is left behind.

  3. Wonderfully done!

  4. This is great 🙂

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