Art and the philosophy of life

Frida and Diego…words

no one knows what couples see in each other
I realize that Diego had power and talent
but no matter how horribly he treated her
Frida loved him
I will never understand that
it’s a form of self torture
and a life of pain
and yet
so many
choose suffering
over happiness
and self respect

Comments on: "Frida and Diego…words" (10)

  1. An excellent point

  2. Sometimes it is not for us to judge. Well… it is never for us to judge, come to think of it…

    • Nope, it never is for us to judge. Still, I’ve grew up in a house with a serial cheating father and know what it’s like to live with the misery it causes. I have so many friends who just live their whole lives in misery. Think about it. When have you EVER seen a woman who was happy that her husband was cheating? That unhappiness touches everyone near them. Joy is not the norm, believe me. It’s not a judgement, it’s more like what the hell is wrong with you that you choose to be miserable and pass that misery to everyone else? But getting divorced is difficult because women are punished for being women in our culture. Can’t make as much money as men, end up with the kids, bills are enormous, while he is free. And yet, those who stay together are never the same, at least the people I know. They can never trust again and there’s always resentment and even a bit of hatred in their lives. It touches everything. Either we aren’t made to be faithful, or we need to revisit what it means, because it destroys so many lives. Divorce, single mothers struggling to raise kids on their own. Dead beat dads, the whole thing. It’s a huge problem, leading to poverty, depression and everything else. Women cheat as well, of course. Either way, kids pay the price for what their parents do. Parents are only human. My parents never fought. Mostly because my mother was quiet and sweet and he always got his own way. But happiness does not often reside in the homes of those where someone is cheating. I am a product of that kind of home. Before I got married I told him (we were together since we were 14), there were no second chances. None at all. Cheat and you’re gone forever. The thing is, no one writes about this stuff. Books are about divorce, new families, blended families, blah, blah, blah. But no one writes about living in a house where one of them is cheating and the other one is slowly dying from it.

  3. Attraction is a mystery.

    • Or from a past life. Who knows. Impossible to understand.

      • I’ve Given up. I do think women you remain captive with a man who abuses them has deep seated psychological issues.

      • It’s so insane. To say you love someone and do that to them over and over again, the ultimate hateful act, is so cruel. I think they’re both sick. The excuses are a joke. Once my father actually told my mother that she would like HER, “She’s just like you were when you were younger.” He really SAID THAT TO HER. I hated him…my father, the serial cheater. I think all the women in my family hated him. My grandmother still might have cared about him. He was her son, after all, but the faces she made at him, showed me how she often felt. When he walked by they all stopped talking and glared at him. My mother loved him until the day she died, when he was out with someone else. It’s pretty much impossible not to hate someone like that. Well, for me at least. LOL

      • It’s mind boggling how some women are just so attached to one man they will put up with so much. They can’t imagine life without the cheater. That’s a sick kind of love , men who take advantage of women who love them sicken me.

      • Me too. It’s not something I’ll ever understand.

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