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You can find Resa at: Graffiti Lux Art & More

Comments on: "Frida…this post is for the fabulous costume/gown designer, Resa (see below).." (14)

  1. Gorgeous post. Love Frida and her lovely Mexican heritage , long before Resa’s time still she coukd have done a fabulous job on the movie Frida.

  2. Gi, I am so honoured to be associated with Frida, in your mind.
    I’m a bit at a loss for words. Holly is right. I would have done a great job.
    Will work this into a post, somehow. Not right away, but I’m copying the link into a blank post for when the time comes. I have at least 3 Frida posts. Who knows, I might find more Frida street art, or use one of the old ones. Then again there’s the possibility I could draw Frida!


  3. Wonderful!

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