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From: Candy

Absolutely NO ONE should be in charge of HANDING OUT rights, or TAKING THEM AWAY.  NO ONE.  And MEN do it all the time.  They discriminate and hold power over all of us.  It’s sickening and WRONG.

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  1. Yes! Exactly.
    Thank you for sharing, and hope all is well with you ❤

    • Everything is good and I hope the same for you. It’s really true, who gave anyone the power to dole out a person’s rights? That’s insane and so wrong there aren’t words to describe it. It’s a hateful thing and the cause of most of our problems in the world.

  2. We must, prove ourselves, over, and over again, in this world of men, otherwise, they won’t ever, take us, seriously enough, when in reality, we women are, quite capable, it’s just, that we are, socialized, to believe that we need affirmations from the outside, to prove our own, capabilities.

    • It doesn’t matter what we do, they will never take us seriously. They will never give up their power. We can’t prove anything to them…ever. We have to tear down the manipulating and brainwashing images of women, so that women themselves can get in touch with their own power. It makes me sick to see how we are portrayed and how women are sucked into to selling themselves to the male view in order to survive. We have to help ourselves because men will never change.

  3. ABSOLUTELY true!
    Brilliantly said.

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