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House plants…

person holding green plant in white pot

It’s good to have house plants.  They aren’t just beautiful, they work hard cleaning the air, protecting us for all kinds of things.  Some survive, even when they are slightly neglected, others are more delicate…but all of them add to our living space and our lives.  Plants, books, cats…make a house a home…oh, dogs too, of course.

Photo:  Severin Candrian

Comments on: "House plants…" (15)

  1. I used to have so many… then we had the ice storm that killed most of them (3 weeks of frozen house…) Since then, I now have two. Basically, they refuse to die!

    • Some of them are tougher than others. That’s so true. I have lost of plants. I love them and they make me happy.

      • I actually kinda hope, once my renovation is done that I’ll actually have room to get plants again!

      • Oh, me too. Hope it works out for you. They add so much to a home and they clean the air. They contribute so much to our lives. 🙂 What are you remodeling?

      • I’m sure I’ll be able to add to the two survivors.

      • Oh, nice. A new kitchen…how cool. And yes, it will be fun to get a couple more plants. 🙂

      • I can’t wait because my kitchen blows. Big time.

      • That’s really exciting. I’d love to redo my kitchen, but I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. I’m so happy you’re getting a new one.

      • When I bought this house I thought the kitchen was meh… then we moved in and we realised it was way more shit than meh. I knew a redo was in my future and thanks to my mother-in-law who willed us each a sum of money, the future is now. I had a professional kitchen in the old house and kinda wish I had chosen to simply remortgage and stay there – especially with the crazy way the houses have gone up… but it was so huge for just the three of us. Ah well. C’est la vie.

      • I’m sure you’ll be happy when it’s all finished and you can start using your dream kitchen. It will be everything you ever wanted. I’m happy for you. 🙂

      • Oh, I am sure I will, too! Thank you, Gigi. 🙂

      • Yay! Hope it’s finished soon.

      • Oh, it’s not even started yet! We are still at the first draft of plans drawn up only 😉

      • OH no. Well, hopefully, once you begin, it will go quickly. It can be so disruptive when remodeling is in the mix.

      • Well, to be honest, with the price of construction materials, it’s gonna be delayed a bit. I’ll have to see what my guy says!

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