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Ann and Jeffery are currently in charge of the Rubber Duck Committee.  Their purpose is to make sure the Rubber Duck Pond is fully stocked with colorful and happy Rubber Ducks.  They do a wonderful job and everyone is delighted when they spot a new Rubber Duck in the pond.  There are twenty-five chicklets on the Committee and they are very dedicated.

Comments on: "The Rubber Duck Committee…" (42)

  1. LOVE the rubber duck pond!!!!

  2. That look like outstanding leaders

  3. and there is room for more, quack quack

  4. Adore the sweet chicklets, I hope the rubber duck pond is flourishing. I shall put this out tomorrow with your permission in case any one has rubber duckies to donate. 🐤🐤🐤

  5. Timothy Price said:

    I love the Duck Patrol. I’m into Internet Ducks. I use DuckDuckGo and my search engine and CyberDuck as my FTP client. They are both wonderful duck patrols in the Intersphere.

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    Anyone for a dip in the rubber ducky pond?

  7. Do chicklets get along with ducklets?

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