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How they met…

Led Signage On Wall

“How long have you been in standing line?” he asked, walking up behind her.

“A few minutes.”

“I hate standing in line.”

“I don’t think most people like to do it,” she said.

“So, you aren’t nice?”

“No. Not really.  I imagine you aren’t very nice either, or else you wouldn’t be here.”

“That’s true.”

“What does nice mean?” she asked.

He shrugged.  “I think other people believe that nice means giving them their own way.”

She started laughing.  “That’s the one that should be in the dictionary.”

“I think it is, only it’s spelled, MANIPULATION.”

“True, but I think some people are just plain nice.  Not everyone wants something.”

“I disagree.  In fact, I disagree strongly.  Everyone wants something.  For example, I want you to go out to dinner with me, so I’m being my nicest, so you won’t turn me down.:”

“So you’re not actually nice?  You’re really a bad person?”

“You think not being nice, means that a person is bad?”

She thought for a minute and then said, “What’s your definition of bad?” .

“Ah, yes, define my terms.”

“Well, I can’t answer your question if I don’t know what you mean, or what you’re asking.”

“All definitions are personal and fluid, don’t you agree?”

“I do, she said.  Still, bad describes things like pizza with soggy crust.”

“I see what you’re getting at,” he muttered, biting his bottom lip.  “This is all very interesting.  Do you want to get out of line and get a pizza with a crispy and well done crust?  We can go to Mama’s right across the street.  You can take my information, as well as my picture, and send it to anyone you like, so someone will know where you are and who you are with.”


“I understand how difficult it is to be a woman.  I have four sisters, all radical feminists.”

“Did they beat you up a lot?”

“Only when I was being a sexist pig, so yes.  They beat me up a lot.  I’m still not perfect, at least according to them, but they don’t hit me now, they just glare at me.”

“Excellent,” she said.  “So why are you in the NOT NICE line?”

“Actually, I just saw you and wandered over.  Besides, I know this place and it’s just a cafe where the waiters are rude.”

“I know.  I like to come here and make them cry,” she chuckled.

“Wouldn’t you rather have a pizza and rewrite the dictionary?”

“Sure,” she said, as she held up her phone and took his picture.  “Why not.”


Photo:  Daria Shevtsova

Comments on: "How they met…" (64)

  1. Love the way they met!

  2. Excellent. Perfect. Now that I think of it my little sister used to club me with her cast when she had a broken arm and was six-years old. I don’t recall being a chauvinist pig. Then.

  3. PS. really a great story. You have a knack for dialogues. 👍🏻

    • Than you so much. I really appreciate your kind words. Loved your post with all the street art.

      • Thank you. I love those exchanges. Words for art for stories… It’s a nice feeling.
        Have you been able to come back out in the world?

      • Oh yes. I’m out all the time. Still wearing a mask most of the time, however. A lot of people are still wearing them. I’m so glad you like the stories. Thank you for that. ❤

      • You’re most welcome. I like your stories. You have a knack for short, to the point stories with a good finish. 👍🏻
        Starting to go out here too. Though with a mask all the time. There’s been a lot of vaccination here, but it “ain’t over yet”.

      • Thank you so much. No it’s not over, that’s for sure. I don’t think this country did all that well with getting vaccinated. Too much political insanity. We’re open all the way and I don’t get it. A lot of people are cautious and wearing masks. I don’t know how things settled down but it did…I guess. Truth isn’t living in the US any longer. Neither is trust.

      • Compared to Europe, It would seem the US did better. An interesting thought about ‘truth’, (is there is such a thing), I have found that in the past 5-8 years, France and probably Europe are… “giving up”. Justice is the pits. politicians are everyday more stupid (left and right). The citizens themselves seem to have abandoned all care. Nobody gives a damn. And urban violence (which Europe had been protected from) is on the rise. Very weird. And sad.

      • There is no TRUTH, other than personal truth. I’m sorry to hear that violence is on the rise. Our mayor supposedly called in the feds to help with the violence but she hired a guy who wasn’t from here and when he didn’t do ANYTHING AT ALL to stop the violence, I think she was surprised.

        I think a lot of people have given up a lot of things. Important things, like TRUST, caring about what’s going on. I have no idea what’s coming next. Seriously, I can’t even imagine. Live in the moment…it’s all we have. Still, it’s sad to know that violence is coming your way. You’re not going to like it, believe me.

      • Yes, many have given up. Then when Freedom and democracy will be ripped away from their hands… Who’s gonna whine?
        Violence is a constant feature in Mexico. (And I don’t like it one bit) I consoled myself thinking that France and Europe were much better but that’s slipping away. 😡
        So yes. Live in the moment… Be good Gigi.

      • We always saw movies where the police in Europe didn’t carry guns. They blew whistles. Even now, on PBS Mysteries, the British programs show the detectives walk into places and say, “You’ll have to come with us,” and no one argues, they meekly do as they’re told. That’s a whole different way of looking at things for us. The police don’t beat people up or drag them away or kill them. I’m sorry to learn that violence in those countries is escalating. It’s so awful to know that violence, and not peace, is spreading. Horrible. I thought certain parts of Mexico was always dangerous. Just another nightmare. Stay as safe as you can.

      • The English were the only ones who went unarmed. Except of course when a raid on crime was projected. It changed a few years ago after terrorist attacks. Now in France, police stations are attacked. With guns and mortars… Man is a violent beast…
        We will do our best to stay safe. Thank you. 🙏

      • The first time I was in Paris there were armed soldiers everywhere. Supposedly someone wanted to kill Americans. People in America want to kill Americans so it didn’t seem any different to me. LOLOL They had automatics and just walked around in pairs.

        It’s too bad things have forced the police to arm themselves, but I think it’s going to get worse, so they have no choice.

      • When was that? Probably after ine terrorist attack or the other. Sigh.
        And yes they have no choice. The bad guys use military issue.

      • That was six years ago, I think. It was weird to see soldiers everywhere, but there women among them, so that was nice to see, if seeing armed military men and women everywhere can ever be nice. And yes, they have no choice.

      • Must have been right after the 2015 killings. And yes, there are women soldiers in the patrols.
        And no, with terrorism we have not much choice left. There’s been constant killings and stabbings since.

      • It’s terrible the way things have changed. I don’t see it getting any better in the near future.

      • Since humans have such a poor memory. There will need to be another war for the survivors to swear: “never again”. Tsss.

      • And, if we’re still around…another one after that. We never have complete peace any longer. Wars are constantly going on somewhere.

      • Some time ago I realized that Man was not Homo Sapiens, but rather Homo Bellicus. War is most likely Mans’ utlimate goal and function. We disiguise it from time to time. In sports, football, soccer. In business competition. “Fair play” supposedly. But we have probably been meant to go at each other’s throats always…
        Other purposes: help thy neighbour, write a novel, a symphony are mere distractions along the way… 😉

      • I would LOVE to argue with that but I believe that is our main purpose. Destruction. You’re so right.

      • Never been so sad to be “right”.
        Take care.

      • 🙂 You too. Have fun…everyday.

      • Nice reminder. Thank you.

      • You are welcome. Your drawing was lovely, by the way.

      • Thank you. You’re only too kind. I like your style better than mine. More fluid. I also like your water colour treatment. The chicklets get to my heart every time… (I still have a lot to practice…)

      • Thank you so much. I’m so happy you like the chicklets. They are fun to draw.

      • I can so imagine. Because I know the sensation I feel when I draw. I try to let my hand draw by itself. Looking at the model/subject, not looking at the paper, so my hand can “feel” the drawing. So yes, the chicklets must be fun to draw. 👏🏻

      • The chicklets are so busy and have so much fun, it’s easy to keep drawing them. I agree, once you start drawing you can let your body take over. the way to do that is to get lost in the moment. 🙂

      • Yes, it is… Also, I tend to leave my sketches on a ledge by the staircase, (good light)
        with a pencil and eraser at hand. I pass by. Draw a few lines. Come back later draw others. I can take a week to complete a drawing. Bits by bits.
        And I can imagine the chicklets “telling” you what to do you in your head…

      • They get very chirpy when I go too long without drawing them. They keep giving me ideas and showing me what they’re doing. LOLOLOL It a good idea to let your drawings out so that you can draw when you walk by. Excellent.

      • Chirpy? How sweet. Love the idea.
        And leave the drawings out allows you to have a different look or angle every time. Haven’t you found useful to move the sketch to have a different perspective?
        Chirp, chirp…

      • Actually, I usually just draw something all at once, while I’m listening to a book on tape, or watching PBS. I don’t leave them out and don’t go back to them. I just do them and that’s it. And I don’t look at them in different places or different lights. It’s more like homework. Lolololol It’s different with the things I make, of course, but not with the painting. We all do what works for us and I like your way of doing your art.

      • Yes, we all do what works to us. Being a bit of a dilettante, I always have several pots on the fire. 😉

      • You’re so funny. I love the word dilettante. I think having lots of pots on the fire is the only way to live.

      • I was diagnosed a “dilettante” when I entered College. We passed a series of tests and an in-depth interview with the Business school Psychologist. He basically branded me as “hopeless”.
        (Hold on, something is burning…)

      • Hahahaha That’s a really good thing. I’m happy for you. They said I should be an outdoor mechanic. Hahahahaha

      • LOL LOL LOL. 😂

      • 🙂 Yay…made you laugh.

      • Actually you did… 😉

      • I love it. Thank you. Hahahaha

      • Greetings from Paris. Nice but weird. Everybody with masks just about everywhere… 😷

      • Ah, Paris. I’m glad they are wearing masks. Safer for everyone with the mutations going on. I’m living vicariously through you…lol. I wish I was in Paris but without the virus, of course. I hope you have a fabulous time and have lots of their delicious chocolate. 🙂

  4. Sweet lovely story.

  5. Interesting beginning for these two!

  6. I love these “How we met” stories. I think they are in for a lovely evening. The repartee will be fairly split between them.

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