Art and the philosophy of life

Primitage Road No Warning signs signage

Photo:  Specphotos

Comments on: "Destination…Life. I think this is the sign that tells us what the road ahead is like…it’s the only warning we get." (12)

  1. based on experience it’s important to wonder about the signs, given the errors of the past, but be cheerful, there is a lot of life out there yet, amen

    • Sometimes we need to act on what the signs say. That’s what will give more life to all living things.

      • The signs that arrive from above,in the Sky, are more important than anything below, lets hope we don’t ignore them, because of any prejudices amen

      • I think humans ignore anything they don’t like and everyone doesn’t like something different from everyone else. It gets us into trouble. If a comet is coming at us, I agree, a sign from the sky would be difficult to ignore.

      • thanks for the comments, but before the comet
        there are always warnings,to help us, amen

      • Getting people to notice will always be the problem. look at the virus. Some still think it was a hoax, in spite of the deaths.

  2. there are no warning signs, perhaps subtle but they are beyond us I’m afraid 🙂

    • I think you’re right. Add to that, the fact that our entire species refuses to listen to anyone or anything. We are great at ignoring the obvious. I think this time, by ignoring the climate, environment, species destruction and all the violence, we may just have signed our own death warrant. And we will take all the innocents with us.

      • I do worry about our young people, they are trying to make a point but it falls on deaf ears. On the other hand maybe they are the salvation for this heartless mess we are in.

      • I hope so. It’s terrible that they have to clean up our mess, if it’s even possible. What a world to hand them. It scares me that a lot of today’s young people don’t even recognize politics, or what’s going on in the world. They aren’t all interested in working, or doing much of anything, other than smoking, playing with their phones and other devices. I’m hoping there’s a LOT of them who will wake up and start paying attention to the bigger picture.

      • That’s true. I have hopes but is a mi Oriya of kids who are aware of what happening ,I know I wasn’t as a young teen. But they should kill be enjoying life now but violence is an ever danger. Don’t know the answer. It’s sad scary.

      • I don’t know the answer either but just like BLM and school shootings and Women’s rights…no one can sustain the passion and keep it going. The government knows this and they just wait it out. They know kids will go to school, women will go back to work, and black lives will just keep on going. That is a huge problem for those working for change, climate, fairness and everything else. Everyone gets excited, their pictures on the covers of magazines and three weeks later…it’s over. That and the lack of money/power, is what makes it hard for those trying to bring about that kind of change. But I have hope that in the future, people will wake up and fight back. The best way to fight is to boycott. I said that before, but that’s where even the rich get angry. We can stop the companies that pollute by not buying what they make. But no one wants to do that, so the stuff just keeps going.

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