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There was a raid on a Factory Farm last night.  The Roosters and Hens brought back survivors, many of whom needed medical attention.  Some are in the ICB (Intensive Care Barn), with round the clock treatment.

Violet is part of the Care Committee.  She is going to the Healing Barn to read stories, and pass out toys to the young who were rescued.  She will also chirp and peep softly, singing the babies to sleep, while the Warming Bunnies, cuddle the wounded and keep them warm.

She is not allowed to bring corn bread or cookies in her wagon, because the wounded and sick are on special diets.  The Hens will tell the committee when they can bring treats.  It’s the one time the chicklets truly abide by the rules, since they want everyone to get well as quickly as possible.

It’s a difficult committee on which to serve and many of the chicklets have broken hearts when they see the horror of what humans do to others.  But chicklets are filled with so much love that they willingly go into the hospital barns to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

After a raid, The Coop is on High Alert, which means everything is operating around the clock and the Hens work on shifts in the hospital.  The Housekeeping Committee works hard to keep up with clean nests, stalls, linens and towels and the Kitchen Committee works constantly to keep up with the needs of the wounded guests, as well as everyone else.

Unfortunately, it’s a routine everyone is used to, and all the chicklets, and those who live at The Coop, know their jobs all too well.  It’s a team effort that really works.  Hopefully, everyone will be saved.

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  1. Heartbreaking

    • The chicklets do what they can to help others because as the Hens told them…there’s no way to stop humans from hurting anyone they can…they have no hearts.

      • Maybe one day they will grow one

      • I don’t think it’s possible. I was talking to a guy who experimented on animals while we were demonstrating, and I told him that if he was my father I would be ashamed of him and want to run away. He said he was just doing his job. Sounds like what the nazi’s said, doesn’t it. No hearts, Beth. Nothing in there at all.

      • Ice where the heart shou

      • Ice where the heart should be

      • Absolutely. It’s the only actual torturer I spoke to and he could torture the animals and still go home to his family and sleep. I don’t get that. Nothing but ice where his heart should be.

  2. Wishing them well! 😉

  3. All sounds much too real…

  4. I am going to send positive vibes that their ministrations will help save them all.

  5. If no one ate meat, there would be no F Farms!!!!
    Gi, it’s a crazy thing. There are ppl I am close to, and for years have been setting an example of not eating meat. Still, they are trying to get me to see the light and eat meat.
    Isn’t “MEAT” an ugly word?

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