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The Conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“Do you think it will ever rain?”

“Eventually,” she said, unpacking her tote bag.

“The picture you drew last night wasn’t very good.”

“I know,” she sighed.  “It was after midnight and I was tired, the lighting wasn’t good and I didn’t feel like doing it.”

“Then why did you?”

She shrugged.  “And yes, I’ve been eating more than enough chocolate, thank you very much.”

“It’s not helping,” he said.

“There are so many things to think about, nothing really changes, stuff just puts on a different face.”


“Why do we even bother?”

“Bother with what?”

“Why do we try and fight a system that will eventually kill us because that’s what’s what it loves to do?”

“Start with the fact that your entire species is insane.  Cats don’t hate each other.  Sure, we fight now and then, but we don’t care what other cats look like, or what they believe in.  You guys just never stop fighting and hating each other over the dumbest things.  You lie and hoard and cheat and kill.  No other species is as crazy as you are.  We might be territorial and have some instinct things going on but we aren’t basically mean.”

“I know.”

“I mean, look at turtles.”

She started laughing.  “Turtles?”

“There’s nothing funny about turtles,” he said, seriously.

“It’s not the turtles that made me laugh.  It was the fact that you mentioned them.”

“Turtles are nice.”

“Do you know any turtles?”

“A couple.  I met them when I was somewhere else.”

“I see.”

“Turtles are pretty smart.  They know everything about water and the things that live in and around it.  They’re basically happy, as long as they aren’t around human beings.”

“I think that can be said for a lot of living things, including most human beings.”

“Your egos are killing you.”


“You still have instincts you know.  You are animals, after all.”

“I know.”

“You’re weaker than most and can’t do very much, but you don’t have breeding seasons so you multiple too fast and that’s dangerous for everyone and everything else.”

“I know.”

“You’re using all the resources and people are starving and they don’t have water.”

“I know.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Greed, power, insanity, not caring, complacency and hatefulness.”

“That’s what I thought.  No one else is like your kind and once you’re gone, if you leave anything alive, things will start over and flourish.”

“I know.”

“There are so many of you and yet you allow a few guys to rule over you and no one stops them.  Why?”

“I’d like to say it’s because of brainwashing and conditioning, and that’s certainly part of it, but laziness and the fact that most governments will just kill you if you act out against them, that does it.”

“Cave people killed each other.”

“I know.  We’re a killing species.”

“I think this is a death planet,” he said.

“I think so too,” she agreed.

“But the sun is out, I have a warm place to nap, good food and we’re having a conversation, so things aren’t all bad.”

She kissed him.  “No they aren’t all bad and that’s part of the problem.  When things aren’t all bad, people close their eyes and stop fighting back.”

“That’s why things are allowed to be ‘not that bad,'” he said, in agreement.


“Cats are here to make the world beautiful,” he said.

“You do a great job.”

“I know,” he said. “I don’t think the world has to be as bad as you guys make it.”

“I don’t think so either.”

“Do you think Terminator is going to become a reality?”

“I do and how did you see that movie?”

“The woman across the street was watching it the other night, so I sat on her windowsill and watched it too.”


“Good,” he said.  “I’m used to the food.”

“No, that’s from the movie.  Arnold said it in the police station.”

“Oh, I get it.”

“I love you,” she said, petting him.

“I know.”

She kissed him and played with his ears.  “You’re so beautiful.”

“All cats are beautiful.”

She kissed him again and he started purring.

“I hope you stop by tonight,” she whispered.

He yawned, then licked his front paw.  “Jinx and I will come over.”

“I’ll see you then,’  she said. laying her face against his side.  “Love you so much.”

She didn’t see him smile…but he did.




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  1. He’s right. It’s not all bad…

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