Art and the philosophy of life


Do Something Great neon signWhat is ‘something great,’ and who defines the word great?  What’s great to one person, may not be great to another.  It’s weird, but everything is like that.  Definitions are…pliable.  They bend and stretch, sometimes in order to cover lots of very bad and hateful things.

Definitions also change as time goes on.  Words can become so over used, they are almost meaningless.  Take the definition of  awesome, for example.  Nowadays, everything is awesome. Gum, shoes, the end of the world, having a good pizza, pretty much anything at all…can be awesome.

Definitions are just one more reason we don’t always understand what other people are saying…and vice versa.  Nothing on this planet is here to make things easy.  Nothing at all.  Everything here is set up to make things as difficult as possible.  Sometimes even impossible…there’s a lot of that here.  A lot.


Photo:  Clark Tibbs



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