Art and the philosophy of life


Wow…this is a sign that can be taken soooo many ways.  Who decides what anyone deserves, other than one’s self or a jury and juries are weird all by themselvesf.  Jury of a person’s peers?  They would have to be similar to each other in more ways than age, so that doesn’t actually work.  Socio-economic differences, race, gender, etc., mmmmmm lots going on there, belief systems, ethnic differences, right?

Anyway, when I saw this, all kinds of things went through my mind but I finally settled on cookies and cake.  Everyone deserves that at the very least.  I mean we could talk about corruption, pollution, violence and all the other things, and argue the points but I’m going with cookies and cake because it’s easier and it’s delicious.

I do know that as long as we allow republicans to walk free and run for office after the part they played in the Washington riot…and as long as people go to catholic churches where priests rape children…well, then we do DESERVE IT…we deserve the evil things we ALLOW them to continue doing.

Photo:  Jon Tyson

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