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The Flower committee

Comments on: "The Mother’s Day Flower Committee are ready for Mother’s Day. They have been handing out flowers, to the hens, all morning along." (32)

  1. what a lovely gift for the hens

  2. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    Happy Mother’s Day 🌹

    • Thank you so much. It was a perfect day. I hope you had a nice time as well, in spite of everything that’s been going on. Sending love and hugs, along with Mother Day wishes.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day Gigi!

  4. Timothy Price said:

    Wonderful. The hens are so thoughtful. Happy mothers day! You know that you have a big cottonwood tree thanks to Resa?

    • Thank you, but what cottonwood tree, thanks to Resa?

      • Timothy Price said:

        It seems WordPress has finally allowed me to follow you. Every time Resa and Holly post your Chicklets, I tried to follow with no luck. WP can be so weird. You had been the ArtGowm model left out with no tree.

        You now have a tree. A big beautiful cottonwood. The trees are a bit of a story, but all the ArtGown models claimed trees but you. Resa asked me to give you a tree. In the post “Trees for Resa” at, your tree is in the second photo in the post. The tree Resa chose in the third photo. Your tree is the in the third photo in this post:, and the only photo in this post:

        If you don’t like it I can find you another tree. BTW it’s a male tree and Resa tree is female. They are about 50 feet from each other.

      • I didn’t know anything about this. I’m so incredibly grateful. This is the best and most wonderful news, since I absolutely love trees. Thank you. I can’t wait to look at all the links. Thank you again and again.

      • Timothy Price said:

        Thank Resa, also. She wanted continuity with the AGMs. Mia, another blogger, had started calling a tree that ended up in photos of sunsets that she liked her tree several years ago. When I mentioned Mia’s tree in a post, Resa said “I want a tree” and then it snowballed from there.

      • I will thank her. Absolutely

      • Such beautiful shots. I LOVE THE TREE. It’s wonderful. I can’t thank you enough. Really. Just fabulous.

      • Timothy Price said:

        You are welcome. Now Resa will have a tree for you in her adventures. You can draw it and include it with your peeps if you would like.

  5. This is a beautifully sweet drawing! You could have this family doing all sorts of seasonal things throughout the year !

    • Then hens appreciated their flowers very much. The Coop is blooming with color and the chicklets are hard at work keeping the flowers happy.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day! A very nice painting, but as its showing, the mother’s have do the work, also on the remembrance day. 😉 Have a nice celebrations, and a beautiful week arriving. Michael

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