Art and the philosophy of life


Basilisk, Lizard, Animal, Reptile

nature is a funny thing
many offspring have to be removed
from their fathers
in order not to be eaten
or killed outright
mothers are fierce and ferocious
protecting their young
after all they carried the babies
and then had them
so no one is going to kill their kids
just to cut down on the competition
females are vicious
and protective
that’s why a lot of human males
are afraid of them
that’s why there’s no equality
for women
men are terrified
that once women are released into the wild
men won’t stand a chance
but not everyone comes into the world
as a live birth
some wee eggs are submerged
placed on leaves
in nests
or any number of settings
some babies
never know their mothers
take the lizard Spot
for example
he seems happy enough
but he when questioned
he said he didn’t know what a mother was
he just woke up and that was that
sure he had to fight off predators
but that’s the life of a
especially human females
are always fighting off predators
so Spot didn’t see much difference
between our species
other than the fact
that most birds
can’t just grab us
as they fly by
and that’s true
most birds
can’t just grab us
as they fly by


Photo:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Spot…" (4)

  1. thanks for the nature bit, men are afraid of women,cheers

  2. Some are. It might be because they think women will treat them the way they treat women. If that was true, then they should be afraid.

  3. AND Spot backwards is Tops!!!

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