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Comments on: "The stage crew and construction committee have come up with their first slot machine for the party…everyone thinks it’s wonderful." (11)

  1. That’s amazing!

  2. what do they get when they have a ‘bar’ set`? 😉

  3. When they win, a TON of corn should come out!

    • Hahahahaha A ton is a bit too much. But they will love getting a few wingsfull.

      • 😀 😀

      • Once again I can’t reblog your new Gown/Holly post. I don’t know what happened but there is no reblog on your site and I don’t know what to do. I twas wonderful.

      • Okay!
        I see a reblog button when I go right into the post in your actual blog, not the reader.
        This is the page where comments are made for this post, if you are actually on my blog. Try going there, and see if there is a reblog button there.
        I have had this situation before.
        Some bloggers cannot reblog from the reader at all, and have to go to the actual blog.
        Some can only reblog from the Reader. Go figure? Just another WP Glitch!

      • I did go to your original blog and I just went back and it’s not there. I don’t understand it. I’ll try again but I’ve been having trouble for awhile.

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