Art and the philosophy of life

water falls in the middle of green trees

Photo:  Francesco Tommasini

Comments on: "Have you ever noticed that the only garbage that exists comes from us? Nature is pristine. Nature doesn’t make garbage, or pollute itself. Only we do that." (12)

  1. Yep. Quite an achievement for human ‘civilization’. Aren’t we clever!

  2. A very good point

      • Okay,I’m going for a walk to get away from all this construction racket….Brahms Third Racket!!!!!
        I’ll come by and visit when I get home!!
        I hope you find a reblog button in the link I sent you in another comment.
        Just trying to help! xoxo

      • I don’t blame you for going for a walk. I would want to get away from that noise as well and besides, we’ll get some cool pictures out. I don’t know what the problem with re-blogging is. I’ve been to your original site…it’s not there.

      • Crazy! I don’t know why the reblog is not there. WP might figure it out.
        Then again, sometimes something happens such as: I can’t comment on anyone’s blog, and I’m not in anyones SPAM. Then after a week or 2, it’s all better.
        I’ve had that issue with Likes… I’ve also had disappearing Likes. Both of those resolved on their own after awhile. Maybe that will happen.

      • The reblog box is right by the “Like” box but it’s gone on everyone’s blog. I was able to reblog a couple of things last week but mostly the reblog is unavailable. Hope you enjoy a silent weekend. Also hope the cats are getting used to the noise.

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