Art and the philosophy of life

Tiny baby,,,a poem

tiny baby
curled up
dreams none of us
can remember
and untouched
by the outside world’s
false gods
and lies
you sleep
protected by those
who love you
but darling baby
into the breach
you shall go
pushed into a world
not of your own making
a world
that is as bad as it is good
and you will have
to make
and you will
your baby dreams
and become what
they turn you
and the cycle
will continue
until the very


Photo:  Clay Banks

Comments on: "Tiny baby,,,a poem" (9)

  1. How spot on! We want so much to shield them but life is a battle we all face.

  2. Then… if fortunate, we become Tiny Dancers.

    • That song is so depressing. People so unhappy and afraid, lost and wandering. I’m sure not everyone sees it that way but that video always makes me think of people living on the edge, one day at a time. One slip and they’re down.

      • Agree!
        Though I don’t see the one slip all the time.
        Still, it’s a message, the message you just pointed out.
        But do people see?
        Sometimes I like a video like this.
        Should we not point out foibles?

      • It’s a great video. I think they definitely should be seen. But when we do, just like with the violent video game and all the other violent things, films, etc., people stop seeing what’s in front of them. We become desensitized to what we see, over and over again. That’s the sad part, but it’s necessary, if we are to function at all.

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