Art and the philosophy of life

Speak…a poem

Woman's Face

she never stopped fighting back
but all men wanted to hear
were the fluttering wings of butterflies
and her SILENCE



Photo:  Isabella Mariana

Comments on: "Speak…a poem" (16)

  1. The symbolism is mind blowing!

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      • it’s really fabulous and sad.

      • I agree. I don’t know how to change it. All the power is one sided, in spite of the fact that as a group, there are more of us and if we would work together, we could change things. Not gonna happen.

      • We are at a crossroads for sure. I made the mistake of watching Born in the Fourth of July again yesterday. Got all riled 🆙!

      • That’ll do it. Just remember the devil’s at the crossroads. I’m never sure if the devil is trying to save us, or just swap things for our souls. LOL

      • The worlds turned upside down between the political environment and this pandemic. Something has to give.

      • I don’t actually see things changing for the better, with the republicans tying to stop people from voting and all the rest. The republicans are so horrific. So horrific.

      • They have turned into pure destruction and have invited all the scum in the world to crawl out of the wood work. So scary.

      • It’s horrifying, that they are evil right out in the open, trying to control and destroy everything the country stands for. I mean the right to vote shouldn’t even be a question! Women’s right over her own body, shouldn’t even be a question. They just don’t stop chipping away at our human rights. So awful.

      • It is so hard to watch, these GOP governors are trying to destroy democracy. They are criminals.

      • I agree 100% and they are allowed to do it and have supporters that want to strangle all of us. So hateful and definitely criminals. The poor people are in jail and the real criminals are in government.

      • I’m sick at heart over these criminals running the country, making us feel so helpless. The big corporations out in Tx had some good things to say about the criminal voting laws being passed there and the response was “they don’t make the law we do”.

      • I can’t watch it anymore. It’s criminal…in the most literal sense. The republicans are insane and want to control everyone with their disgusting beliefs and hatred.

  2. Powerful post…sadly, horrifically true.

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