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The conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“You don’t look so good,” said the cat, yawning.

“Thanks,” she sighed, emptying her tote bag, making plates of food.

“I’m just saying,” he continued.  “You look like a truck ran over you.  Tough night?”

“Not really.  It’s just been dark and dreary too long and I’ve been thinking about one of the laws of thermodynamics.  That energy can’t be created or destroyed.”


“I want to destroy my energy, when I leave this place, so I never have to come back here again.  I can’t figure out how to do it, since I’m in a body suit, and I live in a world that tells me I can’t do it, even if I don’t believe it.”


“Which part?” she asked.  “The part about being dreary, or the part about destroying energy, or the part about not wanting to come back?”

“First of all, we have no idea whether or not energy can be destroyed after death.  If time doesn’t exist in some places, and if a black hole can reverse time and space, how can we possibly know whether or not energy can’t be destroyed someplace else?  Making that a law just means that with the scant knowledge we have, we currently believe that we can’t do it.  Doesn’t mean it’s true everywhere.  And no one knows what happens after death, so there is that.”

“I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah.  I know,” he said.  “I don’t see why you can’t destroy your own energy after you die.  But if you do, you’ll probably never be able to get it back.  You’ll be gone forever.”

“That’s the point.”

“You might not have to come back here, you know.   There might be lots of other places to choose from?  Some of them might be fun and it’s possible that the earth will reboot and be nice.”

“I don’t think so,” she laughed.

“What if you could come back to a world filled with cats and three or four people.  Enough to wait on us and pet us if we feel like being petted?”

“You would need more than three or four people for that, and once you had any people they’d start killing each other, killing cats and anything else that lived.”

“We could kill them.”

“Then it’s just more of the same.

“I see your point.  So how about just you and all of us?”

That might work but I don’t know how to do anything, so I’d starve or run out of toothpaste, and need updated contact lenses.  It’s not easy living without resources.”

“That’s true. I’m also guessing you don’t know how to make cat treats either.”

“I do not.”

“That could be a problem.:

“THAT could be the problem?” she asked, amazed.

“Well, yeah.  One has to have priorities, you know.”

“I guess,” she said, running her hand through her hair.

“Are you dying?”

“Everything is dying, but no, not right now, at least not that I know of.”

“You probably should train someone to take care of us, if something happens to you.”

“You want me to get an apprentice?”

“Seems like the right thing to do, don’t you think?”

“I’m going to go now.  I have errands to run.  Tell Jinx his food is here and I’ll see all of you tonight.”

“Okay, but start looking around for someone and bring the person you think might work, around for our approval.”

She bent toward him and kissed him, running her hand down his back.  He purred and closed his eyes.  “You love me too,” she whispered, and he put his paw on her face.





Comments on: "The conversation…" (9)

  1. That just captures how a cat would be, personified.

  2. So… He’s off the book thing now? 😁

  3. Aww the paw on the face 😉

    • It’s always so sweet. I loved it when my cats did that. Emily just rubs her face against my legs and hands. She doesn’t ant me to pick her up.

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