Art and the philosophy of life

grayscale photography of tabby cat

I see things you can’t see.  I can see into more dimensions that you can.  Those you call dead, or departed, are everywhere…they’re all around you.  Things that never manifested on earth, stop by to watch you move through your lives.  You just can’t see them.  I can.

We aren’t allowed to tell you what’s really here, moving through this dimension along with you.  We can’t tell you how the past isn’t really gone and the future is here as well.  If you could understand us, it would change the way you live.  It would change what you believe, it would change everything.

The dead can’t help you.  No one can.  When you look at me, you see wisdom and knowing. Look at any human and all you’ll see is confusion, walls, and blankness.  You may see laughter, joy, pain or sorrow, but those are emotions, not intelligence or knowing.   We were sent her to help you.  To lead you.  But your egomania stops you from seeing yourselves, let alone the rest of the living beings on the planet.

Look at me and you will see truth and true beauty.  Keep in mind, that I am the number one predator in the world, but you, well, you’re the most hateful.   No other animal alive, hates.  Your species is the only one.


Photo:  Dmitriy Karfagenskiy

Comments on: "Meow…a message from a cat." (12)

  1. Cats have a 6th sense and nine lives!🐾🐾

  2. So true. They add so much to our lives.

  3. Yes… a superior creature.
    So… the whole cat food thing…. I haven’t found the Rachel Ray, yet. I’ve bought every brand.
    They went wild over Iams & Whiskas Perfect Portions.
    “Oh mommy, we love this!” They were wolfing it down with gusto.
    Wouldn’t touch any Fancy Feast.
    So, I bought a month’s supply of Perfect Portions.
    Now, they won’t eat a bite of Perfect Portions.
    Johnny crying for wet food all night… he sounds like a loud Myna Bird.
    I broke down and opened one of the only cans of Fancy Feast still in the house.
    It was a flavour they hated.
    They wolfed it down with gusto.
    Now, they only want Fancy Feast.

    • Emmie does that ALL THE TIME. I have as much cat food as a grocery story, since I’m always buying THE ONLY THING SHE’LL EAT THIS WEEK. LOLOL I just wait awhile then start the circle over again. I have no idea why they do that, other than to freak us out and think they’ll starve to death in two minutes if we don’t give them exactly what thy want. Seriously. I give her two or three plates full of food when she gets that way and sometimes she’ll eat sometimes and sometimes she won’t. I’ll never understand it.

  4. IKR? She’s not eating today. Don’ know why. She’s eating the grass and weeds coming up through the crack in the patio. Outdoor cat…no idea what she eats when she’s gone.

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