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Black and White Kitten on Brown Wooden Plank

“Think we should go outside?”

“Looks like a long way down and mom’s not here.”

“You’re right.  Maybe we should go back to our blanket.”

“We do have to go out eventually.”

“True, but maybe eventually is tomorrow.”

“And mom might wonder where we are, if we aren’t here when she gets back.”

“So, maybe we should wait until eventually.”

“Good idea.”

“We can still sit here and look outside.”

“Yes, we can, but I’m ready for a nap.”

“Okay, let’s do that.”

“Today is going to be a really good day.”

“I think I see a bug.”

See, I told you it was going to be a really good day.”


Photo:  Cristyan Bohn

Comments on: "Kittens…thoughts" (26)

    • They are so sweet. Love to your two babies. ❤

      • ❤️- my new baby rose had to return to her foster home, they love her and will officially adopt her into the family. She had a very hard time adapting to live here with olive and I, and was very stressed no matter what we did. I felt sad to let her go, but wanted her to be happy. Olive and I await the arrival of a new furry baby family member .

      • I am SO very sorry things didn’t work out. But obviously everyone was stressed and that’s not good for anyone. Still, I know you loved her and I’m sorry Rose and Olive couldn’t come to terms. I’m sure she’ll be happy with her adoptive family and once you and Olive readjust, maybe the next fuzzy one will work out perfectly. Much love to all of you. ❤

      • thank you so much, I felt like I had failed her, but her foster mom reminded me that sometimes it just does not work out, and we both want her to be happy and stress-free in the home where she lives.

      • It’s not your fault. Some cats like to be only cats and others don’t get along with just anyone. You couldn’t keep her and stress everyone out all the time. That wouldn’t have changed. Maybe Olive just wants to be by herself. Hope you feel better soon. It’s so hard when it doesn’t work out.

      • I’m looking for a sweet baby that maybe she can mother and love

      • I hope you find one soon. Hopefully she won’t just want to a an Only Cat. If you get the “right” one, it will be fabulous and you’ll all be happy. ❤

      • I think that olive would love a companion. I adopted her when my last cat was older and ill and they took to each other quite quickly and she hugged him and laid with him when he didn’t feel well

      • That is so sweet and loving. So you just need to find the right kitty. That’s just great. I hope you find one soon because the kitty will have such a loving and wonderful home. ❤ ❤ ❤

  1. So cute! I love kittens!

    • I think they’re ooooo adorable. I want both of them to live with me. 🙂 Em sends love to J & J.

      • Love back to Em! xoxo

      • She’s kind of off her food today, for some reason. I gave her so many treats…she’s eating those, but no food. So the worry begins.

      • They love the treats! They will fill up on treats, so I have a designated treat time. Then no more!!!!!

      • She didn’t feel good at all AGAIN. That’s because I started feeding her Fancy Feast again.I just threw out 15 cans of it again. There’s something wrong with it. She at okay at breakfast and at lunch. That food is terrible for her. But yes, she LOVES her treats. I gave her some food in aa pouch and she liked it. I’ll never buy Fancy Feast again.

      • Food in a pouch? What brand? I’ll try it!
        Poor Em.

      • Friskies gravy sensations 12 pouches in a box. I went to three store to find them today and no one had them. I just bought them yesterday. Friskies are hardly delivering right now, one guy told me. they are having a hard time getting anything. There’s a whole bunch of Friskies, pouches, sold one at a time…lickable things that you can give alone, as treats, or over food. Lots and lots of gravy and no corn or filler. I’ll e-mail you some pictures.

      • LOL!!
        The cats must be served, and properly!

      • Most definitely. That’s just a given.

  2. They are adorable. And they have their priorities straight.

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