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37 Of The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said About Their ‘Past Lives’ Shared In This Online Group

Comments on: "These are NOT creepy…but interesting…from: Bored Panda" (6)

  1. Very cool stuff! So interesting.

    • It is. There’s so much info out there about kids and their stories being spot on. The things they say have been proven and it proves that we do indeed return. OMG Hopefully, we have a CHOICE.

  2. Yes, very interesting, and I do believe this happens.

    • Definitely believe it. They have been following up on stories from kids for years and have proven them correct down to the last detail. On child kept wanting to go home. This was in India. He named everyone, Told all the details of the town and his children and wife, etc. His parents finally took him there and everything was just as he said it was. There was a recent case of a pilot who got shot down in WWII. The boy knew everything about planes and named the other men in his group and told who was shot down, etc., His parents followed up on it and it was all exactly true. He told them his name and the name of his sister. They looked her up and she met with them and after talking with the boy, she said, “This is my brother.” Lots of incredible stories out there. Incredible because we just aren’t used to thinking about life that way. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad. It certainly means we are one thing that comes back to try on many bodies.

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