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I think we are going to have to be more creative than ever, in the future.  Things have changed…maybe for good…or at least until they get a vaccine that will last for a lifetime.  AIDS changed things, but so did polio, whooping cough, the Spanish flu, smallpox, Ebola and The Black Death.  Covid just one more thing.  The only differences being that there are a lot more people living right now, and we know more about disease and epidemics/pandemics than we did in the far distant past.

Many diseases never  “go away,” we just have vaccines and medications that make them “stay away.”  Those who don’t believe in vaccines are bringing back polio and other things that have been gone for a years.

We are a creative species.  Look how many ways we can kill, torture, and destroy everything.   If we can come up with creative ways to destroy the planet and everything on it, why can’t we come up with creative ways to stop the destruction?  Oh, right, greed.  I keep forgetting that money and power are more important than life, peace and equality.  Still, those of us who make up the herd should be able to do something creative to get rid the top three white guys who pul the strings.

The future is coming at us every microsecond, and in spite of the fact that we may be living in a “string,” or on a “brane,” or in a “hologram”, stuff feels real, and people are suffering.  Maybe we aren’t more creative because those of us who don’t go to bed hungry, don’t really think about being hungry every minute of every day.  And we have beds.  Maybe that’s one of the biggest problems.  The false comfort we are ALLOWED to have, which keeps us from starting trouble.  SOMA for the masses.  Give us enough to shut us up and believe everything is just great, or at least not that bad.  That’s how manipulation from the top down works.

We need to get creative and come up with some good ideas to get us through the new world we are currently living in.  Now is the time.  Things have broken down, so change has a chance to edge its way in.  We need to be creative in so many ways, because if we don’t watch out, Amazon will take control of the world and then what?  We won’t have any choices at all.

Photo:  Marija Zaric

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  1. We have to make love more important than things somehow. Love you words!

    • I don’t know how to do that when nothing in the world is more important than money and power over others. How can we break that strangle hold? All the institutions, religions, governments, Big Pharma, everything is part of what is hurting all of us. So many things have changed. Boycotting works, but people don’t want to actually do it. We seem more disengaged from each other than ever before. The divide between the “sides” can’t be healed, the issues are too big. The lockdowns and tech is keeping us even further apart and out of touch. But religion and government, big business, all of them work together AGAINST the people. They destroy and divide, pollute and take, never caring about the devastation they leave behind. The old ways we fought back, no longer work, and hatred is out in the open, as well as an increase in violence. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next but the next election is going to be a dangerous thing and if the “other side” gets back in, I think we will go downhill fast and things will escalate into a kind of civil war.

      One thing we can do is work together. But as an old activist, I can tell you, it’s all about the money, and grassroots groups don’t have any. Money is god, nowadays. It’s scary, that people don’t actually have control over their own lives. We only have what we are ALLOWED to have, but most people don’t understand that. They think their privilege is real and safe. It’s not. Nothing is, not now.

      I don’t know the answer. I do know that we better come up with one.

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