Art and the philosophy of life

A perfect moment…

Sunset, Sun, Evening Sky, Clouds

the other night
I was outside
with my cat Emily
the sun was just dipping
below the horizon
there was no wind
it was warm
a bird was singing
its final daytime song
and I looked around
filled with happiness
and thought
this is one of those
perfect moments
and I’m so glad
to be alive

Comments on: "A perfect moment…" (10)

  1. We have a mutual admiration thing going on but the nicer weather also has her in a good mood. She’s out and getting more pets and moments laying around in the sun

  2. Such a wonderful way to feel!

    • It truly was. I literally held out my arms, my sweet cat by my foot and all the weight of the horrible things happening in the world, just fell away and I felt so light and happy. Like everything was wonderful and perfect, in that moment. I wonder if that’s how we could feel all the time, or at least more often. How did I get to that place? I wonder about these things. Maybe we would never get anything done, if we felt that good. LOL We would be so happy and at peace we would all be dancing in the street, or sleeping on the grass. I’d like to try it for awhile and see what would happen, that’s for sure. 🙂

  3. Sigh. If only we could control things like that. Or were ever taught those moments existed. But that would make people happy and less easily controlled…so, of course, we won’t know about what could be possible.

  4. Blessed be the moments 😉

  5. It was such a cool thing. I just fell into it. I didn’t try to make it last, but just enjoyed what it was.

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