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Photographer Captures The Unique And Amazing People Of The New York Subway (40 Pics)

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  1. ALL so inventive; #6 speaks to me…

  2. Strange that the men get to stand there in suits but the women are on point in all kinds of crazy-hard positions. 😉

    • Not all the men were in suite. Dancers are limber and beautiful. They work so hard to keep their bodies in shape. They are just showing what they do for a living. I think they’re amazing and swan lake or on the train platform, they are wonderful.

      • Dancers are gorgeous. That was was struck about the collection — a single photo might be about one dancer, but the collection should speak to us. And it spoke to me. Thanks for sharing the link.

      • When I was a kid I took ballet and toe…modern dance as well, which I liked the best. I was terrible at toe. I didn’t have the strength to be really good and the lessons were just from the park. But our instructor took us to the first ballet I ever saw and I fell in love. LOLOL I learned how difficult and painful it is to be a dancer. They just seem so beautiful to me. Like fairies in human form. I know that’s silly, but childhood memories sometimes live on. 🙂

      • I remember turning somersaults on the balance beam, and falling off. The whole thing was so painful. Beautiful, but intense pain. I can’t pretend that the pain doesn’t go hand-in-hand with the joy of endorphins.

      • That must have hurt for sure. With all the things that happen to us as children, it’s a good thing we bounce back so quickly. 🙂 Hope you’re having a nice spring.

      • Very. Only one minute to attend my daughter’s school function. Gotta run. xoxox

    • I think you mean ‘en pointe’. What is so ‘strange’? Why is there a gender issue here? Did anyone force the women to pose in that way? Whatever the subject gender, male, female or anything in between, they were all superb shots

      • I think they are beautiful and fabulous. Perhaps the person writing it wasn’t into ballet. I agree…superb shots and the dancers are incredible. I don’t think people understand that dancing is so difficult, so hard on one’s body. They don’t always think about the endless hours of work, the pain and injuries dancers sustain for their art. Anyway, I loved the pictures. Glad you did too.

      • Thanks for catching that spelling issue — my brain is foggy these days. Yes, the photos are stunning. But it’s also fair to look and them and consider what they say about our culture. Can anything we create ever really be free of gender and culture, either their presence or their absence? To me, looking at those women en pointe on concrete speaks to me of beauty and strength but also of pain, of our expectations of what it means to be female. A man can wear a three-piece suit and be unique in an era of sweatshirts, but for a woman, to be quintessentially female, a woman can’t merely stand still or be well dressed — because after all there is a whole industry devoted to presenting women that way. It’s become cliche. Those dancers are putting a lot more effort into those poses than the men in those photographs. Does that not speak to you? It spoke to me. Why is my point of view offensive? Is it offensive to remark on how painful the women’s poses looked? The photos are more compelling for how they made me think, rather than less, I would argue. But we’re each entitled to our thoughts and free to express them.

      • I totally agree with you. But the male dancer was also beautiful. I don’t know why the men in suits were even included. It doesn’t make sense. I searched for something that made them unique, but couldn’t find anything. I understand what you’re saying and I truly agree with you. It’s an important point. Sexism and objectification are alive and well. I think all of the dancers were gorgeous, against the backdrop of the city. Why do you think your point of view is offensive? I don’t think it is offensive at all. I think it’s a valid point, when compared to the guys just standing there. Absolutely. As I said, I don’t know why there were there at all. They looked silly next to the guy dressed like a rat. I’m not sure what the point was.

      • Perhaps they were there as a comment on white, male power and wealth, descending to the subway. Part of humanity, despite the trappings of success.

      • I thought they looked out of place and silly. LOLOL Didn’t fit the profile of the others, who were unique and in great shape, or just goofy, like the rat guy. They looked dull and average, compared to the others. But I have no idea what the photographer was going for. Maybe you’re completely right about all of it.

      • No idea. I just like thinking about things. Seeing other layers than the first. It makes me happy. 🙂

    • It just means she’s on her toes.

      • She’s a dancer, some of the men aren’t. I think the photographs are gorgeous. I love them. I like that people use their city as a backdrop for the things they do and love. I like the creativity and fun, the unexpectedness of it all.

  3. The little boy playing the violin in #10 is making some serious dough there.

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