Art and the philosophy of life

How they met…

She crashed into him, bounced off, and almost fell.  “Oh, sorry,” she said, looking up.  “Are you okay?”

“Nice of you to ask, but I outweigh you by about seventy pounds and I’m at least a foot and a half taller, so, yes.  I’m okay,” he chuckled.


“What are you reading that’s so engrossing?”

She held up the book, so he could see the title.  “I know I shouldn’t read and walk at the same time, but it’s a good book and…”

“Don’t worry about it.  I liked the book too.”

“The part where they dive into the canyon.  I can’t even imagine doing that, but I kind of want to.  It’s just that real life isn’t like a book and I wouldn’t exactly float to the bottom, but instead, be broken to bits on the rocks below.”

“I liked that part too and agree.  Floating wouldn’t save us.”

She laughed.  “The poisonous flowers are interesting as well.”

“I Googled them,” he said.  “I wanted to send them to one or two people I know.”

“I felt the same way,” she chuckled.  “Did you find a place where we can buy them?”

“Amazon didn’t even have them, so no.”

“Imagine being able to order the weather you want,” she sighed

“It would always be seventy-five degrees,” he said.

“And the wind wouldn’t go above nine miles an hour.”

“Do you like waffles?”

“I love waffles, why?” she asked.

“They make the best ones, right across the street and I’m hungry.  Care to join me?  We can discuss the book and…”

“Did you read the first one?” she asked.

“I did,” he said.  “I think the second one is better.”

“So do I!”


“Yes.  Love some.”



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  1. Yay over a book. Super cute story. Love it.

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