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PBS is showing a three part series on Ernest Hemingway.  I just finished watching it.  I’m a member, so I could watch all the episodes at once.

I find it interesting that they concentrated on two things…blood and death.  So much blood and death.  He killed so many things.  Horrifying to actually SEE IT, even though I didn’t really look, once I saw it coming.  And the wars, of course, mangled bodies, piles, or lines of the dead.  Death, death, death and death. I don’t know how he had time for anything else, actually.

He did have time for women/wives.  He was an alcoholic and he was mean.  Mean to people who helped him in the beginning, mean to pretty much everyone.  He hated his mother with a passion and she hated him.  His kids pretty much hated him, or at least didn’t really like him.

They did point out, right away, how much he LIED about the things he said he did.  How he just made things up to make himself look so much better than he was.  He also had a lot of head injuries.

His sexuality was different than what most thought, that’s for sure.  Maybe that’s why he wanted to kill everything, to prove he was a man.  Never realizing that real men DON’T kill things, they protect them.

He believed his own lies (not uncommon for anyone).

He lied about living on nothing, in Paris, with his first wife.  She had money and they were never starving, or living in a terrible place…and on and on it goes.

I’ve read books on him, mostly books he happens to be in, when I read about the Lost Generation in Paris…but I’ve read about him as well.  I realize that it’s impossible to give the full story of a person, because of all the things that have to be left out.  He knew the Murphy’s and of course the Fitzgerald’s, but none of that is in the program.

It’s a depressing program, at least for me.  It’s a program about DEATH, and a sometimes charismatic, alcoholic who kills things and is mean.  Oh, yeah…he was also a writer and he liked cats.  Hate the bullfights and glad they’ve been banned for cruelty.  All those screaming people cheering for DEAH, PAIN AND SUFFERING.  HATEFUL.  He loved it.

If you’re a Hemingway fan, you may feel differently about the program.  He was a show off, a liar, and a bully.  And he killed things.  The program is about the true ugliness of war war, death and the killing of animals.  That’s really what the program is all about.  It’s about him watching death, or killing things, thinking about death, writing about death, thinking about killing himself, and then killing more animals, fish, birds, or going to the bullfights to see other people kill animals.

Comments on: "Hemingway…on PBS…a review…spoiler alert" (14)

  1. I am going to watch. You may find this interesting and definitely on topic:

    • Excellent article. Thank you so much. I know the PBS special does incredible research but I’ve read things that contradict some of the things they said he did during the war. Not that it matters. It’s just that he may be bragging and making things up again. Still, the horrors of war are just that…horrors.

  2. That sounds disgusting.
    I saw the docu listed. I will check it out for myself. I can always change the channel if it sickens me.

    • It will sicken you. All the dead animals. Sick, sick, sick. Let me know what you think.

      • Okay, but now I don’t want to watch it. I’d rather see all the …. never mind…. I’ll be deemed a horror.

      • Try it. You can always turn it off, but just know there are dead animals, wild and bulls, fish and pretty much everything, birds, etc. and dead bodies (people) throughout the program, and he’s grinning and standing over the animals like he’s god. It’s sickening. I covered my eyes and turned off the sound when they were coming on.

  3. I won’t watch this. I’ve read a great deal about EH and stopped because it took too long to shake off the depression. His only religion (other than toxic masculinity) seemed to be hating his mother.

    • She hated him as well, so it was mutual. I didn’t know about all his sexual problems. But his cruelty and meanness, along with all the lies he told, and all the killing he did, is beyond disgusting.

  4. Milena Alien said:

    I watched Papa Hemingway in Cuba, really liked it. FYI it’s free on YouTube. Good stuff!

  5. I have no desire to watch it… though i do appreciate some of his writing i know i wouldn’t have liked him as a person. Your description sounds pretty much what i’d expect.

    • There are some new things I didn’t know about, in the program. But he’s not a nice person. The pictures of all the dead animals and people don’t really add anything but disgust and horror.

  6. I do not care to watch it & agree with you 💜🌻💜 ✌

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