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Comments on: "The weather has warmed up, so the chicklets and their guests are going to have a picnic at The Rubber Duck Pond." (14)

  1. Hooray for that!

  2. 🙂 Hungry for sun. And now the light lasts until 7:30, which is fabulous.

  3. Always love the chicklets. You should do a children’s book with them.

    • Thank you so much. The chicklets are fun to draw. They’re so sweet and excited about everything. 🙂 Not going to do a book but thank you for that. ❤

      • I thought as much. You must feel relaxed after drawing/sketching them. I know Drawing gives me peace. Cleanses my mind. Though I have crazy habits. Right now I’m drawing three different sketches. I have them spread out. Work on one 10 minutes. Skip to the other. And the third. Let them “stew” for hours. Them walk by, add a detail. Change sthg. Fun.

  4. That’s the interesting thing…everyone has their own style and way they work. Sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing them.

  5. What better way to spend a warm day?

    • So true. Unfortunately, the hens have to keep an eye on them, since chicklets can’t swim and once their feathers get wet,they sink. It’s a touchy situation, but one they are used to and they know not to go in water above their ankles. 🙂

  6. They are very careful and watched closely. No one has ever been hurt. 🙂

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