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Resa’s Egg Dance is something the chicklets and their guests look forward to seeing each year.  And every year The Resa’s Egg Committee, makes a different Egg for her.  It’s a wonderful experience.  Magical, really.  Everyone loved it.  It was the perfect ending for the entertainment portion of a perfect day.

This is Resa, last year:

It’s a dance of rebirth and new beginnings.  It takes about forty-five minutes.


After the wonder of the the ballet and Egg Dance, everyone will catch their breath before treats and time to discuss the events of the day.  Then there will be another Story Time, and another pajama party.

The chicklets hope that you all had fun and a wonderful Easter Day.

Comments on: "The final act, the spine tingling, EGG DANCE, by the FABULOUS Resa…2 pictures" (34)

  1. I’m blown away by Resa’s egg dance. Oh! The highlight of the evening 🎈 🐣!
    Snap Snap 🤌🏻! Well done!

  2. better than a popping out of a cake dance anyday!

    • I have to agree with that. 🙂 Absolutely.

    • Agree! I used to do a Cake Dance, but got tired of cleaning all that sticky icing out of my hair when it was all over. Same with the Pie Dance; fruits and crust everywhere. I’m stickin’ with the Egg Dance from now on!

  3. Resa is always a show stealer! Fab job as always dear Resa ❤

  4. Wonderful ending for this Easter Sunday.

  5. That was wonderful! Perfect ending to a perfect day.

  6. LOVE this! Love that I get a new Egg every year. Thee Chicklets really know how to make an egg! The crack me up! xoxoxo Okay, let me do that walk, and make an Easter Album when I get home!!

  7. I’m having trouble with WP again. Can’t reblog anything. It won’t let me. I’m going to try and figure out what happened this time.

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