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The Conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“So?” said the cat.

“So, what?” she asked, putting food in front of him.

“It was a good easter party, in spite of the fact that there were no live chickens or bunnies.”

“I told you there are never going to be live anything’s at the parties…EVER.”

“A cat can dream, can’t he?”

“I guess, but it’s a dream that’s never going to come true.”

“And whose fault will THAT be?”

“I heard that pumpkin is good for cats, so this is a new pumpkin and chicken dinner.”

“Gaak, gaak, blaa.”

“How can you throw up before you even try it?”

“Don’t say the “p” word again, that’s all I’m saying.”


“It’s disgusting, that’s why.”

“Fine.  I’ll give it to the others.  I’m sure they’ll like it.  A lot of cats love it and you can stop pretending that you’re going to hack up a lung now.”

“I’m not sure it was a good idea to have read my book to everyone at the party.”

“Why not?  They seemed to enjoy it.”

“The Queens were all over me, telling me I didn’t know my tail from my paws, when it came to kittens.  They said I’m a MALE and should keep my nose out of their business.”

“They’re right,” she said, nodding.

“I told them I would remove the chapter and either leave it out of the book entirely, or they could write whatever they wanted to write and I would add that.”

“What did they say?”

“They laughed.”

“I get that,” she said.



“I think we should put the book on hold for awhile,”  he said, eating the last of the dry food.

“Good idea.”

“I need to do some research and…”

“Research on cats?”

“No.  On how to get celebrity endorsements.”

“Ah.  Good luck with that.”

“I’m thinking Ryan Reynolds or Keanu Reeves.  If they aren’t available, I’m going to ask James Bond.  And I may have to do some rewriting and tweaking here and there.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


“I don’t think you can afford any of those people.”

“Afford them?”

“You’ll have to pay them. you know.”


“You’ll be hiring them to work for you.”

“Not really, I’ll be giving them an opportunity to work for me and do good things for cats.  Ryan does a lot of fun and crazy things and Keanu loves animals. I don’t know about the Bond guy.”

“Let me know how that turns out,” she said.

“You’ll know before I will,” he said.  I don’t have a mailing address.  I’m a free spirit, so when you write the invitation to be a spokesperson, they will respond to your address.”

She started at him.  “I brought you a feather on a string,” she said, pulling it out of her tote bag.

“Why?  Either bring me a bird or forget about it.  What do you expect me to do with a feather?”

“This,” she laughed, as he jumped into the air to catch it.

“Oh, you brought a feather,” said Jinx, rubbing against her foot.  “I liked the food.  Was that pumpkin?”

“Gaak, gaak…”

“Oh.  Sorry,” said Jinx, watching his friend gag.  “I shouldn’t have said the “p” word.”

“Well,” she said, “I’m going home to scrub the back porch, so it’s nice and clean for all of you.  I’ll wash your beds and it will be so nice.  Since it’s warming up, it will be easier to keep things fluffy and clean.”

“Thank you,” said Jinx.  “You’re very good to us.”

“I love you,” she said.  “Each and everyone of you.”

“We love you too,” said Jinx, purring loudly.

“Buy you love me best, right?” asked the cat.

“Just tell him yes,” whispered Jinx, “or he’ll be crabby for days.”

“Of course, I love you best,” she said, kissing him and scratching his ears.  “I’ll see both of you tonight.”

“Yes,” said Jinx.  “I’m looking forward to the new beds.”

“And what about you?” she asked the cat.

“I’ll probably stop by to check things out,” he said lazily.

“Well, enjoy your naps,” she said, gathering her things.  “See you later.”




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  1. Lawzy he’s high maintenance!

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