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Everything Is Connected Neon Light Signage

People say, everything is connected, but is it?  I mean I can understand what they mean, genetic wise, and the connection between humans, food and life.  Can’t live without bees, water, air.  But I think it’s more than that, I think it’s that we can’t get off the planet.

We’re like ants, crawling over a rock, connected by our inability to get away from each other.  We get into wee little rocket ships and go into space, send robots to Mars, and we’re so proud of ourselves.   I guess we should be.  That stuff is amazing, for what we ARE. BUT when you think about it, we’re more like kindergarten kids using fat crayons and hanging our papers on the fridge.  Gold stars…in a universe that is too big and strange for us to understand.  How silly we must look to anyone watching.

We do amazing things, considering that we’re just animals. It’s just those pesky EGO’S that seem to get us into trouble.  Trouble meaning killing everything, until nothing’s left, including ourselves because while many people say that we’re connected, they don’t seem to truly UNDERSTAND that when we BREAK the connection, we are rushing to extinction.  What we say and what we do, don’t seem to CONNECT with logic or reality.

Either our brains haven’t evolved enough to control our egos, or we’re just idiots who are doomed, as we greedily march toward oblivion.  And you know what?  No one will care that we’re gone.  The other animals will throw a party and celebrate our demise.  Then they’ll spread out and enjoy life.  Things will grow again and gardens will be natural and lush, until the sun turns into a red giant and eats the planet.  But that will take a REALLY long time, so the animals will have lots of time to play and enjoy a human free planet.

This is a savage place.  But when we’re gone, at least there won’t be any weapons, wars, loss of habitat, and pollution.  That can only be a good thing.  I still remember seeing the pictures of the dolphins swimming in the CLEAR canals of Venice, when WE were locked inside. The world will be a beautiful without us.

Photo:  Daria Shevtsova

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