Art and the philosophy of life


by Honey

life changes all the time
the humans try to push the animals out
they take their habitats
their food and water
they think everything belongs to them
even our bodies and coats
they take and never give
they don’t have the chicklet spirit
in their hearts
that’s why they are so mean
they don’t know how to share
and see the beauty in everyone
and everything
animals never take too much
I wish we could fit all living things
inside The Coop
all living things
except the humans
then everyone would be happy

by Lester

bunnies are our friends
they work in the hospital
and in the nursery
they are never too busy
to warm someone
or to help others
bunnies are soft
and loving
I’m so happy to have them
as friends
I’m so happy they live at
The Coop

by Lois

Chicklets have power
the power of kindness
the power of love
the power of sharing
and seeing beauty in others
that’s no small thing
Chicklets love almost everyone
not factory farm workers
or mean people who hurt animals
but everyone else
Chicklets are eager to learn
and to teach
they care for each other
Chicklets save lives
they fight back
and rescue others from
Factory Farms
Chicklets are political
and they are willing to
do what needs to be done
to help those in need
I am proud to be a Chicklet
I realize how fortunate I am
I promise to always be a good
Chicklet and fight
for what’s right

by the Flying Chicklet

Our wings might not
get us off the ground
but if flight is all you dream about
you can find a way to do it
never give up on your dreams
unless it makes you unhappy
then get a new dream
because it’s silly
to waste your entire life
moping around
but if you want to fly
you can do it
even if you can only fly
in a straight line
it’s still flying





Comments on: "Poetry…" (2)

  1. Wonderful poetry from all! PeEpS and cHiRps!!!


  2. Wing flaps and chirps…thank you so very much. ❤

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