Art and the philosophy of life

Easter, Hare, Mask, Ffp2, Face Mask

Dear Easter Bunny:

Why are humans so mean to everyone?  Love, Rainbow


Dear Rainbow:  Humans are not as evolved as other animals.  They have a long way to go before they are civilized and in control of their brains and actions.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Easter Bunie

I want to be just lik yu wen I grw up.  I am a chicklet but do u think tat wil mater?  Love, Jenny


Dear Jenny:

I’m sure being a chicklet won’t matter in the least.  You see, being the Easter Bunny is all about having love for others in your heart.  It’s about kindness and warming others.  It’s about sharing and having fun and seeing all the wonderful things others can do.  So it never matters what you are, it just matters what’s in your heart.  Love, Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny:

If I try really hard can I grow ears like yours?  Love, Joe


Dear Joe:

I’m afraid that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to grow bunny ears.  But then bunnies can’t grow wings like yours either.  You are perfect just the way you are.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Bunny:

It’s me again.  If I jump, is it the same as hopping?  Love, Joe


Dear Joe:

It’s a lot like hopping.  So, yes.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Easter Bunny:

Why don’t bunnies have feathers?  Love,  Lois


Dear Lois:

That’s a very good question.  Bunnies and chicklets are different species.  Their genes are in a different order and because of that, bunnies have fur and chicklets have feathers.  Love, Easter Bunny


Dear Easter Bunny:

I thought it was something like that.  Genetics is something I’m interested in and I’m going to draw a double helix for the Science Club.  Thank you very much.  Love, Lois


Comments on: "Letters to the Bunny. Please note that due to the virus, and the human participants, the bunny read the letters in the field and wore a mask. Thank you for your attention." (6)

  1. Thank you. The ballet will be up shortly.

  2. These are so precious! Love all of them ❤


  3. Happy Easter 🐇🐰🥚

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