Art and the philosophy of life

April…a poem

white calendar on brown rack

can’t be trusted
anything can happen
in april
the weather is
the only thing that can be said
about it
it’s a contrary month
full of fits and starts
storms and gentle rains
sunshine and soft clouds
it can lull you into believing
that spring has arrived
until you wake up and
see snow on the ground
april is the
a friend of
you can’t help
but love them
but you have to
stay on your toes
whenever they’re around


Photo:  Charles Deluvio

Comments on: "April…a poem" (4)

  1. March and April are definitely sisters.
    Thing about April that is fabulous, though… I was born 😉 tee hee…

  2. We are like our months, so I would expect nothing less. I’m a Virgo/end of August, so I’m pissed off because I know summer’s over and I don’t want winter to spoil everything. Hahahahahaha

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