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Mr. & Mrs. trump got their Covid shots in January.  The news was released this month, kept quiet, so as not to disturb the anti-vaxx-ers who support him, as well as his lies about the fact that Covid doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s just like a bad cold or the flu.

Comments on: "FYI…" (10)

  1. It would be hard to find a lower human that him although his disciples are as disgusting to turn their backs on humanity to fill their greed. How can they sleep at night?

  2. Some of his followers have now turned the tables, and bashing him for getting the vaccine…

  3. I keep wondering how the followers can not see his lies for what they are. It’s definitely a case of the blind leading the blinder! What a mess that man has made of everything he touches.

  4. the legacy of the liar, still, lives on…

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