Art and the philosophy of life

The Conversation…

Cat, Pet, Animal, Tabby Cat

“I heard they’re getting rid of six books by Seuss,” he chuckled.


“No more Mr. Potato Head either.”


“What do you think will go next?”

“No idea.”

“I saw the kittens on your blog.”

“I always put kittens on my blog.”

“The tuxedo cat was…”


“Okay,” he said.

“Admit it,” she laughed. “He was adorable.”

“What do you think the world is coming to?”

“The end.”


“Eventually,” she said. “The weather is getting better.”

“It is.  Still cold during the night and morning.”

“But the sun’s out today.”

“Is that enough for you?” he asked.  “You don’t have to live here, you know.  You could live where the sun is out more than 36 days a year.”

“I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Why not?”

She shrugged.

“What have you been doing?” he asked.

“Reading.  A lot.”

“I saw the dog on the street art thing.”


“Just sayin’.”

“Why do you think we come here, spend all of our time learning things, and then die?”

“Because you’re stupid?”

“Maybe,” she said. “Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, other than the fact that I can’t stop, which may or may not make any sense at all.”

“What do you guys do that does make sense?” he asked.

“Good point, but this is weird, don’t you think?  No other species studies all the time, reads constantly and…”

“We’d rather play and sleep,” he said.  “We don’t care about reading and writing, although I can do both. Life is to be lived and enjoyed.”

“I enjoy reading,” she said.  “I’m an addict.”

“Do they have a program for that?”

“I don’t think so because we’d all just exchange titles and meet in bookstores for coffee.”


“For sure,” she said.  “I stayed up until almost 2 a.m. finishing a 450 page book on Lee Miller, last night and I’m already half way through another one.  It seems weird, even to me and I’m the one doing it.”

“Is there anything you’d rather be doing?”

“No.  Yesterday afternoon, I sat in the kitchen, the sun was pouring through the window, I had a huge mug of tea, and I was happy.”

“So?  What’s the problem?”

“The problem is what is it all for?  We come here, read, learn and die.”

“I don’t know what to tell you except that there are six Seuss books you don’t have to worry about reading.  And why do things have to be for something?”

“Funny,” she snickered.  “About the Seuss books.”

“True,” he said.  “You guys read, especially women, to escape the misery of your lives.  You’re virtually the prisoners of men, so you read about tough women who can kill them. People read about hope and murder because they need both.”

“I see you’re point.”

“When you read you get to live in the world you would like to live in.  You can’t go around killing everyone in real life, but you can in books.  Your cats and other animals can talk to you in books and turn into humans when it’s convenient.  I know you read a million art books but that’s because the art world was different in the past, before art became a commodity.”

“I’m sure that’s a big part of it.  That’s why there are so many different categories of books.  Something for everyone to escape into.”

“Yes,” he said, biting his paw.  “And you humans have forgotten how to live naturally.  You need instructions from other people who don’t know how to live, telling you what to do and how to think.”

“If I look at things more closely, nothing makes any sense.”

“That’s because nothing DOES make any sense.  You constantly work against each other.  Tell me how that makes sense, when you could work together and make the planet amazing.”

“I hate that our bodies get older.”

“The alternative is death.”

“It shouldn’t be.  If we use it we shouldn’t lose it, remember.”

“Just one more lie,” he said.

“Life is full of lies.”

“It is.”

“Do you think I’m a negative person?”

“You mean like on film?  Black and white, or see through like a negative?”

“No, silly.  Someone who thinks of all the bad sides of everything.”



“What’s wrong with that?  You can’t fix things if you don’t face the fact that they’re broken.”

“What if nothing here can ever be fixed?”

“Do you believe that?”

“Pretty much.”

“Look,” he said.  “People are like everything else.  Some of you are born to look away from things and some of you are born to look at things.  It’s not like you have a choice.”

“You don’t think so?”

“Of course not.  You say all you do is learn but none of you actually knows what  you can actually do to make the world a better place.  You’re a joke.  You do things for the wrong reasons, or no reasons.  And stop looking at the stair.  Don’t lay down.”

“Fine,” she sighed.  “But I want to.”

“Fight that urge.”

“I’m going to go.”

“Okay.  See you tonight.”

“Yes,” she said, laying across him, rubbing his ears, listening to him purr.  “I love you so much.”

“Right,” he said.

She scratched his chin and his neck.  “I love you.”

“You’re repeating yourself.”

“Don’t care.  I love Jinx and all of you.”


She kissed him again and picked up her tote bag.  “I have sardines for tonight.”

“Excellent,” he said, his eyes already closing.  “You should buy the Seuss books before they’re gone, so you can look back and wonder why you’re all so screwed up..”

She just kept walking.





Comments on: "The Conversation…" (5)

  1. I came for kitties and tote bags and funny mugs and, like Joni says, I bring apples and cheeses

  2. I am so infuriated about the Seuss books… will people ever learn? What’s next – book burning…again?

    • I wouldn’t count it out. Seriously. I don’t know what’s going on. One of the books has been removed because an asian child is eating rice with chopsticks. I suppose American kids can’t be seen eating French fries with their fingers. I’m not sure what’s wrong with eating rice with chopsticks. I do it too. Is it okay to do what if you aren’t asian? I honestly don’t get it. Isn’t ethnic food okay any longer? If I eat with bread in my left hand when I eat pasta, because I’m Italian is that a bad thing? I’m seriously confused as to what is being said.

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