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Chess…a poem

Tabby, Cat, Chess, Game, Strategy, Pet

had no idea
that when he rescued
from the shelter
she would
beat him in chess
every time
they played


Photo:  RickJBrown

Comments on: "Chess…a poem" (6)

  1. Aww, love it! I’m sure Zoey would slaughter me with one paw…I’ve never learned to play Chess.

  2. I wrote this today.
    I’ve also believed cats are the master race. I’ve been running around, securing food, changing litter, paying vet bills, petting, kissing, hugging, fluffing pillows, lint rolling cat fur from clothing (and they don’t even wear clothes), clipping nails, growing grass, brushing, singing to them, cleaning up vomit and more, for most of my life.
    Thing is, not one cat has ever asked me for anything. I ask you, who is in charge?
    Oh, Johnny is crying! Best rush off to see what he needs!!!!

    • I love this. You speak for many. I’ve had a zoo live with me and I never stopped working for them. I live for Emily and her needs,while, as you said, she has never asked me for a thing. I’m happy to do whatever I can to make her happy. She in turn, let’s me pet her when she’s in the mood. It’s more than enough. I also sing to her (LOL). We are not in charge. AT ALL. They run the show and we work for them. It’s really very simple. They have the power and we’re okay with that. ❤ I really love what you wrote. It's wonderful and absolutely true. But they did take good care of you when you were down.

  3. That’s exactly what they do. Little purring healing machines. I love that about them. So sweet.

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