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The horror continues…

mitch mcconnell said he would back trump for a run in 2024

the nightmare continues

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  1. Let’s hope for all Americans that it will never come to this again.

  2. Is this the best that the Republicans have to offer?

  3. He’s one of many people who don’t have their fucking heads on straight.

  4. Jesus. It won’t happen. Relax.

    • That’s what they said the first time. He has a LOT of followers who are insane and still believe he won the election. They won’t wear masks because they don’t believe Covid is real. They love trump and will get the vote out and mitchie boy just wants to win. He’s only interested in power and couldn’t care less about anything else. So all of us lefties, can’t just sit back and hope people will wise up because they won’t. They’ve already begun getting more people on their side.

  5. (PS. He’ll be in a NY jail for tax evasion) 🤣👍🏻

  6. Hoping that Trump’s legal troubles catch up with him before we need to worry about that! I still want to see him in an orange jumpsuit!

    • He’ll run in 24. The republicans will make sure he dos because he’s their best chance of winning. I’m hoping that because Biden is giving people so much they will take a second look at who to vote for but trump followers are fanatics and fanatics do not change their minds. We just have to make sure our side gets more votes but it’s going to messy and very difficult.

      • I’m so exhausted from thinking about that horrible excuse for a human. Surely at least one of these court cases will trip him up. Or maybe he’ll “leave” from natural causes.

      • I don’t think anything will happen to him, court wise, that is. He seems to be above the law. None of us are, but he is. And his greedy party members couldn’t care less that he’s a hateful and disgusting human being because that is what the republican party stands for. Greed and power. I hope you’re right about him leaving naturally. What a day for celebration that would be.

  7. What about the CPAC convention? His son called it the TPAC convention.
    There was a statue of him with a gold head. People were clamouring to take selfies with it. They also said he won the election and had nothing to do with the insurrection.
    There’s also a QANON thing going around that he’ll be back in office in a month.
    It is scary, Gi. Yes, over 1/2 voted for Biden. Almost 1/2 voted for t.
    I keep hearing that song by Steeler’s Wheel…

  8. excuse me… i just threw up in my mouth a little

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