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Mars rover…

pink and white round beads on gray surface

There’s a new rover on Mars.  It’s very exciting.  I love stuff like that.  They’re looking for fossils, or critters that may be munching on rocks or leftover earth debris.

I think Mars should look like this and be made out of candy.  I mean, why not, right?  All pretty colors and munch-able.  What fun.  If it did look like this, and if it WAS made out of candy, I bet people would be lining up to go there.  Sure, no atmosphere or oxygen might be a problem, gravity as well, but nothing’s perfect.   I just think it should look this way…full of bubble gum and surprises.  Well, maybe not TOO many surprises, like monsters and creepy things that way to eat our livers or ears, but you know what I mean.

I think we were on Mars and destroyed planet, so we moved here so we could destroy this one.  We really should go back and fix the damage we did.  But I’m not sure planting a bunch of green things will bring it back to life.  It’s not a Goldilocks planet and I think it would take a billion years to turn it into one, but what do I know.  I think we know more about killing things than we do about keeping them alive.


Picture:  Solen Feyissa


Comments on: "Mars rover…" (14)

  1. It would be pretty cool if there were fossils on Mars. I loved that the parachute had a secret code. Scientists are unexpectedly light-hearted.

  2. My friend, you have such a vivid imagination, and I like that…

      • Thank you. I just watched a PBS program on the rover and wow…what it’s going to take to get the samples back to earth…amazing. Won’t be for awhile, they have to send things there to get them and then shoot a rocket off Mars, which will shove the samples out into another rocket that will lock the samples up in multiple safety hatches, so no bacteria can escape (accident waiting to happen?), so if the things they find are dangerous and can take us out (laughing). Then the thing holding all the samples will fly back to earth. And the rover they are sending to Mars to PICK UP THE TEST TUBES will have to recognize where they fell from pictures taken by the other rover, and then us another robot and it’s arm to pick them up. OMG amazing. They are also dropping a helicopter this time, so it can fly over Mars and map it out. Incredible. They figured out how to make it fly in that low atmosphere. It’s really the most amazing thing and people across the world are working together to make it happen, each building something to bring it all together. Yay!

      • Thank you for all the wonderful information. I’m sure they will find some pretty amazing stuff…

  3. It’s so exciting. Probably not to everyone, but I love it. I hope they find things, I’m sure they will,they’ll be digging in dry river bed, so fingers crossed.

  4. Just read this and the comments below…so freaking cool!

    • It really is exciting. The things they are going to have to do to get the samples back to earth are incredible. It will take a long time to send things there again to get them, but it’s very cool.

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