Art and the philosophy of life

Man Wearing Halloween Costume

“Uh, are you suggesting that I go with you?”

She nodded.

“That would be a hard no,” he said, looking at her.  “What do you mean why not?  And how is it that you’re talking to me in my head?  And what are you supposed to be, anyway?”

“You don’t look like a witch to me.  No, I don’t know any witches, so while that is a good point, you’re creeping me out.”

“It’s not the nose, it’s your mouth.  Stitched closed.  No.  It doesn’t matter that they aren’t real stitches and that you’re just trying to prove a point,” he said.  “You look…”

“I didn’t say scary, you did,” he said.  “I didn’t say crazy either, but now that you mention it.”

“Yes, I guess I do judge a book by its cover and your cover is telling me to run for it.”

“No, I don’t know why I’m still standing here.  What?  You just want to have lunch?  Are you going to use me as the entree?  What do you mean, not really?”

“How do I know you’re kidding?  There could be more of you back there somewhere.  Yes, you do look like a human.  But it’s not Halloween and we don’t usually dress up and paint our faces any other time of the year.  Yes!  I do know that’s true.”

“Get OUT of my head. What do you mean telepathy is the fastest way to communicate?  That’s only on Star Trek. Yes, yes it is only on Star Trek.  The rest of us can’t DO that. Yes, I know we’re doing it right now, but we’re not supposed to be able to do it at all.”

“So you’re saying that we could all do this all along but we’ve been taught to ignore the magic in us?  Is that what you’re saying?  No. I don’t know how I’m doing it.  I thought you were doing it. So, we’re both doing it?”

“You want me to what?”


“Impregnate seventeen virgins?  You definitely should have opened with that,” he laughed.  “Yes, I would have overlooked the stitches on your lips.  No, I’m not going to do it, are you insane?  Your kind kills the male after sex.”

“Yes, that part IS important to me.”

“No, there’s no way you can talk me into it.  Being pretty has nothing to do with it.  Yes, you’re pretty.  No, I won’t go with you.”

“Go ahead, send crows and ravens after me.  They’re my totem animals and I love them.  Of course that’s true, why would I make it up?”

“It was nice meeting you too,” he said, backing up.  “I’d say good luck, but I’d be lying.”

“No, I’m not chicken,” he laughed, turning to go.  “I’m sane.”


Laura Garcia



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