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Clover…broken heart

First, let me apologize for the poor artwork.  I ran out of paper and this watercolor paper is terrible.

Clover’s heart is broken.  He’s been thinking of all the unloved and lonely dogs left outside alone in winter, all the time, really, but especially in winter.  No warm beds, or soft caresses during the night.  Some have frozen water, and frozen food.  Once he saw the pictures on television, and heard the stories, he started howling.  The chicklets and warming bunnies are doing their best to help him, but he can’t understand the cruelty that lives within the human heart.

He said he would like to make the owners live outside, alone, with nothing, maybe a wooden bare house, maybe not.  Some dogs are chained.   He said his heart is truly broken and cannot be put back together.

The chicklets offered to set up a rescue mission, but he said they won’t be able to save all of the dogs who are suffering.  Some have arthritis, some have never known kindness, or love.  He seems inconsolable, and the chicklets don’t know what to do.   AND THEY CAN’T ESCAPE…THEY ARE PRISONERS WHO ARE TORTURED EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL THEY DIE.

The chicklets, as sweet and loving as the are, do not forgive, or forget.  They think those things encourage repeat behavior.  All the animals who suffer in Factory Farm and at the hands of human, are things that can never be forgiven, or forgotten.  There are no excuses.  None at all.  They are slaughtered, eaten, starved, debeaked, tortured and murdered.  And now Clover is sad because of his species.

Cover didn’t understand the hatred and evil that lives inside some human hearts.  Now he knows, and his heart is broken for all the dogs who have nothing and are tortured minute to minute, by thoughtless and ugly humans.  He said he would bite all the people, if he could, and chain them to a tree.  He would give them frozen water and let them lick it.  He said the world is not longer beautiful.

I can relate to Clover.  My heart is filled with rage and thoughts of revenge for all of the helpless animals who suffer and die without ever knowing kindness.  Cruelty to animals, women and children, people of color and those who are different, continue unabated.  I have been taught by examples, that this place is hell, and even the fluffy balls of chicklet love, know that.  Human trafficking constant fear, child abuse, it’s all the same thing. All done to those who are helpless…those with no voice, no choice.

What a pathetic species we are.  Other animals set wonderful examples for us…examples we ignore. I’m sick about the dogs left outside.  Misery and suffering never ends.

HOPELESS is an deadly word and an ugly thing.  Dogs with no hope.  I am really empty right now.  All I can see is death of spirit, and hope.  Suffering everywhere.  So ugly.  Poor souls and the ugly people who torture and disregard their feelings.  Such a terrible place.

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  1. He’s a pales shadow of himself in the drawing, that’s your point no doubt, even if your words say otherwise, but as for suffering, can you imagine Jesus being whipped and beaten,after giving the keys to eternal life to those wishing to listen and believe, so we must mix our suffering with the fifty million who died in the second great war, the multiple genocides, and the regular betrayals of righteous leaders across the earth, how do you honor their loss or sacrifice, by learning, Hatred always ends in disaster,cheers

    • No one has to go to war. No one. We do all of those things to ourselves. Choices. Ugly men start wars for power and because of hatred. They don’t fight themselves, they just walk over the dead bodies. Not the same thing to me. I don’t care if men kill each other, maybe then we’d have some peace and the raping and beatings and horror that some women live with everyday would stop. I do care about the animals and the earth. The babies, newborns who are attacked by adult males, innocent animals. The fact that people EAT them and never care about their terror or suffering. As mother’s we shouldn’t allow our children to go to war. We should stop having kids, then there wouldn’t be war, or anything else. It would be over and the rest of the living beings on the planet could breath and the water could clear, the sky would be clear and any trace of us would eventually be covered by the living earth. I don’t believe that hate always ends in disaster. Not for a minute. I think people are taught/told to forgive,be grateful and all the rest, just so they can be more easily manipulated. It’s stupid and it’s TAUGHT. The people who tach it, like rapist priests and all the rest are great examples, right? I’m good with revenge and getting back what you give out. All that goody goody stuff is a joke. Easy to take advantage of people who lay down like doormats. I’ve seen it happen to women over and over and over again. Can’t respect people who give in, trying to be nice, forgiving, when their lives are a nightmare. Nothing good comes from being easy. It’s the one way to never getting what you want out of life. If someone treats animals or people like garbage, they are garbage and should be treated the same way. You talk about Jesus, when people are beaten by police, tortured as prisoners, girls are chained to beds and raped by one man after another for YEARS. They are beaten and starved, kidnapped and sold. Other women are NOT standing outside the door they are behind. Just one more thing there’s not forgiving. You need to think bigger. I’ll never think nicer. Or maybe we should just talk about other things. My hero is JOHN WICK. He doesn’t waste time talking, he gets the job done. He loves his dog, never hurts the innocent but cleans up the garbage.

      • you got a point, but you have to read about God, if you want to form a relationship or gain understanding, forgiveness kills all the useless anger that eats us from the inside, it’s called free will, cause it’s a choice, amen

      • I don’t believe it for a second and I have studied a lot of religions, by the way. That’s the reason I don’t believe in all that stuff, well besides the rapist priests, the greed, the hypocrisy and the the ridiculous sexism and disciples named Mathew, Mark, Luke and John at a time when those were not names being given to people. I’ve done the buddhist thing, pretty much all of them. It’s the biggest hoax going, but it’s a really perfect way to CONTROL people and get money from them and a lot of free labor. And none of that kills people from the inside. People are killed by other people, the lie is that anger and not forgiving people is bad. See, the thing is, forgiving people that did terrible things is what makes people hate themselves, because they don’t believe those people deserve forgiveness, and they’re right. They don’t. It’s the lie that makes people sick, the pressure to do the wrong thing. It’s just one more way of letting people off the hook, so to speak. I disagree with you 100%.

      • Your reply is impressive, Faith is a gift, the ruins of the past exist, Rome, The Middle east, Jerusalem, world war two,where do you stop and start living, it’s just not easy to get to the next world, A question of belief, amen

      • Hi: Okay, so after talking to my daughter, she said I should ask you your definition of “forgiveness,” since it might be different than mine. So what is your definition? I just wrote about mine today in THE CONVERSATION. It’s very possible we are talking about two different things, or maybe not. I think it depends on where a person is from and what they believe, as you said. I was taught to have faith in myself and not outside things someone else made up. I don’t hold on to things other than big issues like priests raping kids and the beating and murder of women, etc., things that make life hell on earth for so many. Unclean water, starvation, you know all the things men control and don’t fix. You think faith is a gift and I see it as a trap that controls the minds of people. I don’t know what you mean about getting to the next world. I mean we all die and no one knows what comes next. Absolutely no one. So I’m not sure what you are talking about. Anyway, my friend. everything i made up by someone else and that’s never a good thing when it comes to thinking for ourselves. The things put into everyone’s head was just that, put into our heads. I don’t have the same beliefs as you do but we as long as what we believe works for us, that’s all that matters, because the only truth that exists is personal. Everything else is someone else’s idea.

      • very true, even amount of religions out there, is enough to confuse anyone, however, there is truth in the words of Jesus, who warns all, of the decievers out there, and He is right, Jesus warned us about it all, the confusion that is sown, and how there are many con men who will use the vulnerable who are seeking the light, Jesus even mentions the existence of demons,HE does this many times, so we will be able to distinguish who the Spirit is, either of GOD or the demon, so to have doubts is right and normal,seek the proof. All I can say in short is this. IMAGINE THE SCENARIO, this is simple to explain and your daughter will find it easy to understand.
        When you drive the car, and the weather is wet and windy, you need a clean glass, AND wipers that work,,fair enough.
        The screen is smudgy and dirty, you strain to see, your tense. When we meet people, we want to be ABLE, to see them clearly, not with past prejudices built up from past experience. Forgiveness allows you clarity, and doesn’t allow you judge others based on the experience of others,amen. this is one simple example. Personally, I HAVE overcome death a few times,really, and seen the miraculous, and thats not even toughing the depths. Hope the chicklets are well,smile, amen.

      • Me too. Saved from death many times. Can’t explain any of it but your opinion is simply that. I know you believe what you believe, but that just means it’s true for you. You can’t put those beliefs onto others, any more that i could explain why I disagree with all of it and make you see things my way. You believe and think you’re right. I believe and think I’m right and we can both be right. Because life is a personal thing and we get to make it anyway we want to make it. Your way of life would be crippling to me. Imprisoning with all those beliefs in someone else. But that makes you happy so that’s a good thing, you just have to accept that those things belong to you and don’t cover anyone else. When my friends husband was dying someone said she would pray for her. She said to me, why would I want her to do that? I don’t want her praying for me, or anyone I know. So other people don’t really want the beliefs of others put on them by people who think they’re doing something they would like. Those things don’t transfer to others. And people don’t want the things others believe, but feel it’s okay for them to do that to people and it’s not okay at all. We just have to leave each other alone to be happy with our own lives. We can only be right for ourselves, everything else is a cult. Trying to spread the word is insulting and unwanted by those who see life differently. I don’t care if you see what I see and I don’t say things to you about what I see or believe because you already know what you believe and you aren’t going to change. I’m good with that but just know that if you think you’re right and have answers for others, you don’t, anymore than they have those things for you. If wejust leave each other alone,then everyone can be happy. 🙂

      • free will exactly, but, we are both Spirit and flesh, which one dominates determines so much, cheers

  2. that is heartbreaking. please tell her that a man who lives not far from me, quit his business job to return to his old family farm and make it a place for rescue animals and he helps every one of them to get the medical help they need, along with living with and loving them. animal planet put him on because they loved what he does, and he is very humble and kind and a true friend of all animals.

  3. I too relate with Clover and with you… it is infuriating and heartbreaking knowing the reality in which we live. As I’ve said before humanity is a plague on this world… and yes there are bright spots but not enough to overtake the darkness.

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