The Conversation…

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“Today’s the day,” said the cat.  “From now on, the orange one will only do his whining to the face in his mirror.”

“I know, right?” she said.

“Did you hear his ridiculous farewell speech?”

“Just a blurb.  I couldn’t listen to it,” she said. “When he thanked his magnificent wife, the first lady, I started gagging and had to turn it off.”

“It was filled with more lies and self aggrandizement.  It was pathetic seeing him mention the new administration without ever saying Biden’s name.  He also threatened the country again, saying his movement was just beginning.  That was a clear threat and should not be swept aside, when thinking of his fate in the upcoming trial.  But you have to keep in mind that the republicans are cowards and bullies.”

“How could I ever forget that.”

“How many cats does Biden have?”


“Two?  Five? How many?”

“He has two German Shepherds.”

“And one cat?”

“Not that I know of.”

“I thought he was all about diversity.  Do you think he’ll be getting cats?”

“No idea.”

“Can you write to him and tell him how important it is to have cats?”

“I can try.”

“I’d like a copy of your letter.”

“Sure.  Why not.”

“You look a little better today,” said the cat, staring at her.

“You think so?  I don’t feel any different.  And in spite of the fact that the icky one is gone, the hateful republicans, who were part of the riot, are still in the House.  I know they will block Biden every chance they get.  They don’t care about the country, or the people.  They’ve proven that over and over again.  So, I guess I’m just a little down.”

“Do you want to pet me?”

“I do,” she said, reaching for him.

“You take things way too seriously,” he said, biting her hand.

“Ow!” she snapped.  “I thought you said I could pet you.”

“You did pet me.”

“Only for a few seconds.”

“That was enough,” he said.

“Not for me it wasn’t.”

“I’m a cat, that’s just the way it is.”

“Fine,” she sighed.

“I didn’t bite you very hard.  I mean you’re not bleeding, or anything.”

“Gee, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said.  “You know cats don’t do what you guys do.  I’m the boss around here.  Jinx is second in command.  The only way I’ll leave office is if someone fights me for it.   If I get sick, or hurt, then Jinx takes over.  But for the moment, I protect everyone, and keep the neighborhood running smoothly.  You working for me helps the others…so…”

“Excuse me?” she said.  “Did you just say that I work for you?”

“Think about,” he said.  “You bring us food, blankets and toys.  If I tell you someone is sick, you help him or her, and even take whoever it is to the vet.  We literally live in your house.  I think that’s working for me.”

She thought about it for a few minutes.  “How about if we work together?”

“That will ruin my street cred.”

“Got it,” she said.  “I wouldn’t want to do that.”

“What happened to Tippy?”

“My girlfriend fell in love with him and he fell in love with her, so now they’re a family and they’re both very happy.  I think all of you sleeping on him every time he laid down, made him a little nervous.”

“Is your friend a good person?”

“She’s the best. Do you think I’d let her take Tippy if she wasn’t?”

“I should probably check on him.”

“Seriously?” she said.


“They are very happy together, and she’s a close friend of mine.”

“Yeah, I get that, but he was our dog.”

She stared at him.  “You’re absolutely right.  I’m so sorry.”  She pulled out her phone and talked to someone for a few minutes, then turned back to the cat.  “She’s bringing Tippy back tonight.  So come over whenever you can and you can talk to him yourself.”

“What if he wants to come back?”

“Then he can come back.”

“What if she won’t let him come back.”

“Let’s wait and see if he wants to return, before we decide anything.”


“Hey, Jinx,” she said cleaning up.  “You’re food is right here.”

“Thank you,” he said.  “I overheard you talking and I guess you gave our dog away.”

Her shoulders slumped.  “I did, and I am very, very sorry.  I’m sure that when you see him later tonight, you’ll see how happy he is.”

“I hope so.”

She bent over and kissed the cat.  “I’ll see you tonight,” she said.

“That’s it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t say, I love you, one kiss. and no pets?”

“I thought you hated it when I did that,” she said.

“There’s such a thing as tradition, you know.”

“I love you,” she said.

“Wow,” said the cat.  “Hardly counts.”

She leaned over and whispered, “I love you,” into his ear.  Then she kissed him again and kissed Jinx, as well.

“I’ll see you guys later,” she said, and then turned and walked away.

“I can’t believe she gave our dog away,” said Jinx.

“He’s probably happier.  But we need to make sure.”

“Wake me, when it’s time to go,” said Jinx, curling up.

“Will do.”










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9 Responses to The Conversation…

  1. Kritika says:

    I enjoyed the conversation.

  2. Gave their dog a_ay! for _hame!

  3. librepaley says:

    Your new President isn’t a cat person! Well, hope you’ll give him a chance despite that.
    With much relief from Europe…

    • Thank you so much. We are celebrating the END of the reign of terror and horror that existed for the past 4 years. Maybe we can convince Biden to get a cat. LOLOLOL One never knows. 🙂

  4. Resa says:

    Hahaha! The cats had a dog, and slept on it.
    I guess it was warmer that way.

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