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14 Responses to FYI…Finally…SOMEONE SAID IT!

    • What’s amazing i that nothing is being done about it. Those right wing republican extremists, are still in the Chamber.

      • Can’t imagine how this will unfold

      • They seem helpless, or unwilling, to remove the conspirators from their seats. It’s impossible to understand why. They know who they are. They have proof. They talk about danger and then do nothing at all about one of the most dangerous things of all.

      • What world do they live in? I seriously do not understand the manipulation. What for? Power? I guess so and that is sad.

      • I had a truly amazing and brilliant Political Science professor who said, “Every single thing in the world is based on economics. Everything.” Economics leads to power, so that’s how it works (that goes for husbands over wives, etc.). And that power is OVER others. Money gives men power over other people and over everything else. The men in government control all of us through economics. Minimum wage, taxes, interest rates, EVERYTHING and that trickles down to people on the street. We have nothing to say about it. And we do nothing about it. While those at the top vote THEMSELVES raises, people are starving and homeless. A man with little money still has power over his wife and children who have none.

      • Power used for self promotion with lack of empathy leads to pain. I understand the process but the absence of humanity is the part that is confusing. How can anyone live by actively stealing well being from another.

      • It’s like food to those people. He’s a “delusional psychopath,” according to doctors. He’s a narcissist, a coward and a bully who only things of his own needs He has a list of every republican around him to didn’t do what he wanted and he’s going to spend his time going after each one of them. He’s a vicious and hateful man…of course you can’t understand him. You’re a sweet and generous person.

  1. Takes a lot of bravery to be in Congress these days; surely they’re investigating those who are suspected???

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