the orange one is impeached…it’s a beginning, not the end.

It seems to me, that Mitch McConnell has WAY too much power.  Someone had to come forward and say that YES, he could call the senate back, after he pretended that it was not possible.  He’s refusing to call them back, so he can push the impeachment/trial on Biden.  So trump gets to stay in office and Mitch doesn’t have to take any responsibility for anything.  While he’s still in office the orange on can pardon people.

I don’t think the republicans who voted for impeachment should be lauded for doing THE RIGHT THING.  They said ten republicans voted against trump…wow, that’s a big deal. The the interviewer said, “I know people won’t think so, but…that’s a big thing.”  Never been done before.  WHAT?   After everything that the republicans have done, in their own party, and they are still too afraid of losing their own position, to DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.  Apparently, republicans secretly say how afraid they are of retribution from the orange one.

HOW CAN THEY DO THEIR JOB IF THEY ARE TERRIFIED?  Basically, all of the decisions they made in the past four years, are questionable, having been made under duress.  They did what they did out of fear, not out of what was best for America.  Not what was true.  The orange one, and his offspring, threatened them saying they would come for them, if they defied them and didn’t vote against a fair and free election.

Oh well, we simply have to keep in mind that the republicans cannot be trusted.  Not for any reason. They are too afraid.  They are in bed with right wing extremists.

Reporters said:

71% of republicans still think the president did a good job.

It’s still trump’s republican party

And a person who is still talking to trump said, “Mother’s will use trump as a cautionary tale,  telling their children that if they lie, they will be like trump.”  (Loosely translated)  The person said that trump never tells the truth.  And yet, none of the republicans stopped him.  Not during all four years.

The House republicans stood for trump, up until the very end, even after the riot.  Of course, some of them were organizers of the riot, but…  They have lost credibility and respect…at least from some people.

The Senate should impeach him quickly.  Then there will be a trial.

Also, hotel reservations, etc., around Washington have been cancelled, so that the next batch of rioters, if they show up, will have no place to stay.

And he has made about 3 million dollars asking for funds to overturn the election, which, of course, he kept for himself.

Oh, well, just another day in America.



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10 Responses to the orange one is impeached…it’s a beginning, not the end.

  1. bwcarey says:

    THE current mess is like a drop of water compared to an ocean, the real living environment is under so much stress and it’s human life that has caused it, our habits, consumption, a new direction is starting, hope all is well, in a week or two, it will be all Biden, while Donald is off playing golf, best to ignore him if you can, otherwise he will continue to annoy you, amen

    • I certainly agree with you BUT, trump cannot walk free, after what he has done, or there is no justice at al. The republicans who orchestrated this event must be held responsible. People cannot see that the rich and powerful are so far above the law when they are shot with rubber bullets and gassed in a peaceful demonstration. If nothing happens to them, the rage and continued lack of trust will be overwhelming. Treason, being traitors, attacking democracy and the government does not equal golf when a man who was THOUGHT to have cashed a bad $20 check is murdered in the street. Logical consequences must prevail.

      Hopefully Biden will heal some wounds, after he digs us out of the deep hole the orange one has dug for us.

  2. I am very concerned that there will be more violence……seems inevitable. Anything I say doesn’t seem enough to convey my sadness. So ugly.

    • I am concerned as well. I honestly cannot listen to the republicans speak. I’m horrified by the words that come out of their mouths. The fact that three House republicans have been working since the election in November, to bring this riot to the capitol, and NOTHING has been done to them, is unacceptable. I honestly feel that the republican party has no interest in the country of the people. I don’t see how they will ever change. I believe they will do everything in their power to thwart the things Biden wants to do. It’s very, very sad and I’m disgusted and horrified about how truly terrible they are. I’m sure it’s nothing new. The right wing extremists have been in the Chamber for years. Now they are simply acting out because their boss, the orange one, has told them they were free to do so. If these men are pardoned or left free, that tells all of us that we are the herd and there is absolutely no justice at all.

      • This organized mob was mobilized by the man who is supposed to be protecting us. Our country is so divided and deluded that I cannot see how this can heal. It goes so deep.

      • I feel the same way. Apparently they did go there to kill everyone and now they are causing trouble on airplanes. One man had to be restrained because he went after a flight attendant. They were fighting with passengers and flashing trump pictures on the ceiling of the cabin. The man holding Pelosi’s podium has two well known and high powered lawyers defending him and the interview person asked how he got THEM to defend him. He asked it several times and they wouldn’t say. the guy doesn’t have a job and is wife, a doctor, has been arrested before. The republican house reps gave the rioters tours of the capitol the day before the riot. It is definitely a planned attack and the republicans House members were in on it. Paul Gosar, from the beginning. I’m not worried about Biden being shot from a rioter, Im worried about a republican in the House, killing him to become a hero in the cause. I think those republicans are more dangerous than anyone else.

      • These are times to stay alert and I don’t think we can assume anything about our safety. How will it unfold.

      • I think you’re absolutely correct. These are dangerous times and they aren’t going to go away.

  3. coloradopoet says:

    Ok here’s the thing. McConell waits until the senate is mostly democrat to try Trump in the senate. He wins. He gets rid of Trumpians and the ability to have Trump run again and doesn’t look like the bad guy. It’s politcs. He wants to eject Trump from the party but doesn’t want to pull the trigger.

    • That’s EXACTLY what he did. He should be called the great Manipulator. He a coward. I’m so sick of the republicans. Just can’t stand their horrible lack of ethics and honesty, course and greed.

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