Politics…republican MIKE NEARMAN

Security video  shows Republican Representative MIKE NEARMAN, from Independence, OPEN AN EXTERIOR DOOR TO THE CAPITOL on December 21, during a special Oregon legislative session, ALLOWING VIOLENT DEMONSTRATORS WHO WERE PROTESTING IMMEDIATELY OUTSIDE THE DOOR TO ILLEGALLY ENTER THE BUILDING.

He refuses to apologize.  APOLOGIZE?  WHY WOULDN’T HE BE PUT IN JAIL?


If anyone of us, did ANYTHING AT ALL, we would be in trouble.

We were ARRESTED AND BROUGHT TO TRIAL FOR DRAWING ON THE SIDEWALK WITH CHALK.  They called us ANARCHISTS.  But look what these republicans do and NOTHING AT ALL happens to them.

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2 Responses to Politics…republican MIKE NEARMAN

    • It really is. Completely INSANE which shows that we truly are the heard We have no rights, but the ones they give us, and they can do anything at all. Justice is just another word in the dictionary. Along with trust.

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