Other countries are saying they can no longer trust democracy or America.  They said they can see that democracy doesn’t work and they can’t depend on the United States for help or leadership.

Who can blame them?  The traitors are in the walls and it’s continuing.  The government is crawling along, debating and talking and letting the traitors speak and vote, while the world looks on and laughs and waits for ACTION, and there is none.  Red tape is killing us


The cartoons from around the world are funny, sad, pathetic, and they put america in it’s place.  To say we have, “lost face,” is an huge understatement.  I think Biden can bring us back but look what he has to overcome.  There are still going to be republicans opening the doors for the extremists.


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4 Responses to Politics…

  1. bwcarey says:

    The first Catholic since JFK, lets hope the words of Jesus, permeate his actions…will you miss Donald and all those tweets…

    • Religion has absolutely no place in politics. None at all. Our country is based on a separation between church & state. As for the psychotic ex-prez…can’t be over soon enough.

      • bwcarey says:

        he didn’t vote himself in, nearly 70 million voted his way, TV, the power of an image, stay healthy, if you were worried that life would never change this time last year, you have been shown, as have all of us, it can change rapidly, cheers to the chickens, amen

      • The chicklets are happy an planning their Valentine’s Day party, completely unaware of how bad things are for the humans.

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