Street art…

mural painting of woman's face surrounded by smartphones

Most of the prisons we make for ourselves go unnoticed.  We can’t see any bars, and besides, everyone else is doing it.  We are ENCOURAGED to lock ourselves in, to gIve up our freedom, to be manipulated, conditioned and used by the MACHINE.

The things we do to ourselves seem NORMAL.  The WAY THINGS ARE, or SHOULD BE.  And the whole time, our warden laugh, sitting on their gold bars and stock market notices, about the fact that they don’t have to do anything at all, to keep us in jail.  We walk into our cells and simply close the doors on ourselves.

Picture:  Alex Vasey

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2 Responses to Street art…

  1. Very true. Devices are addictive and we can be sucked into a life we didn’t anticipate .

    • It’s such a smooth transition/manipulation, we don’t even notice it. It’s made to feel like fun and then we can’t live with out it. Another addiction where we can be tracked and listened to.

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