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Doctors on news programs all say the same thing.  People aren’t taking this virus seriously.  They aren’t wearing masks, self distancing, or staying home.  They are also saying that people don’t understand numbers as large as the number of people who have died, let alone those who are in the hospital or sick.

I once said that we should get life size dolls, and pile them on the law of the White House.  One doll for each person who has died.  But that’s not a possibility.  However, maybe we could stick a windmill in ground that would stand for each person instead.  Think of how many we would need.  Think of how it would look.

We could have a COVID QUILT, like the AIDS QUILT.  Nothing will change until people can SEE the death toll.  Seeing is believing.  We need televised tours of Covid wards.  We need to DO something to help hospitals and staff, and one way to do it is to make the Virus REAL.

These might not be the best ideas, or even good ones, but if anyone has any way to SHOW the actual toll this virus is taking, the number of people who have lost their lives…I think it would wake more people up.  The installation has to be in one place.  Wearing ribbons, buttons, etc., won’t work.   It must be one massive display, so that the full impact can be seen/felt.

This might truly be impossible.  It could be too big to do, and there might not be anyone to organize it.  I don’t know.  It just seems as if something needs to be done.

There are 58,318 names on the Vietnam Wall.  Imagine the size of the wall that will be needed when this virus is over.  TheRe are 48,000 squares on the NAMES, AIDS QUILT.

Just think about it.

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43 Responses to Covid…

  1. I like the windmill idea… it would be so visual.

  2. If we had a leader in the White House that took things seriously, instead of being the fucking narcissistic asshole that he is, we may not be in the place we are in now. The assholes who refuse to wear a mask in the stores and other places, are just being fucking jerks about it. So with that said, if any of them caught the virus, they better not come looking for sympathy from me, because they won’t get it. There. I said it.

  3. beth says:

    we need a sane grownup in charge of our country

    • We do. But the orange ones followers will still flaunt the rules and people will die because of it. He polarized the virus and because of that, people died and continue to die. People seem unable to SEE/believe what’s happening. I don’t get it, but people are dying because of them. A nurse said that she’s exhausted, traumatized and worn out taking care of those who did nothing to stop themselves from getting sick.

      • beth says:

        I cannot even imagine how awful that would be

      • I know she was speaking for others as well. She said they can’t even see their families, they’re afraid they will kill their own children and parents and they have to risk their lives for people who didn’t care enough about them and what they were giving up, to even wear a mask. She’s absolutely right.

  4. rahjomuelvin says:

    Yes, people need visuals to be able to grasp it more. Reading your post really made me realize the gravity of the situation all the more. People need to realize this and take it seriously. Especailly now that the virus is mutating.

  5. trishsplace says:

    Makes sense A visual like you’re suggesting is a brilliant idea. Imagine those windmills!!
    I’m about to visit my parents in another state, and I’ve had a bad cold for several days. I’ve had a test today just to have some confidence that I’m not bringing it to them. I haven’t been in any hot spots.
    Personal responsibility, but first, you’ve got to believe.

  6. lets all just start putting out the windmills. When people ask why just tell them each one is for someone who died that day. Our governor puts out a bulletin every day letting people know how many have died that day, and what county they lived in. Not sure where I can find the spot, but that seems like the best idea. I’ll call the District Health Department tomorrow and ask for their help in finding a location as well as getting the windmills. C’mon, each person who sees this, get it started in your area. Ideas like this just need one person in an area to start and then it takes off. Let’s each be that person in our home area! And I’m going to reblog this to Facebook!

    • Thank you so much. Every little bit helps. Thank you again.

      • I love the windmill idea and have been telling my friends about it. Not a lot of enthusiasm but at least they listened and agree it’s a good idea. Health department wasn’t open today so I’ll have to wait until next year to call them. Just think what it would be like if the windmill idea catches on and there are places in every area to show the very real impact on each community! You done good with that post.

      • I appreciate that so much. Thank you.

  7. Would you believe facebook wouldn’t post this because some people on there have reported it as ABUSIVE! Just who is being abused by suggesting people act responsibly? I don’t think I want to be on there again.

  8. Many, many people in the USA are following a government which is heavily lacking in empathy. There has been four very long years of indoctrination into hate and chaos. Really…I don’t know what will awaken the sleeping….. but your windmill proposition would be interesting.

    • I agree. I don’t know what it will take to make some people wake up. Maybe there isn’t anything way to do it. But seeing is believing and art/installations can be powerful things.

  9. Lorilin says:

    It’s crazy to see people not care. We just had to drive across the country when my FIL died. I was so nervous for the trip…turns out I had every right to be. West Virginia and North Carolina, just wow. Even with signs posted to wear masks, only about fifty percent of people did. Even in grocery stores. We are still quarantining now, and I’m convinced one of us is going to start showing symptoms… I hate that public health and safety has become a political statement. It’s just so wrong.

  10. Carol anne says:

    these are great ideas! And I agree! People need to see this for what it is, an atrocity!

  11. Resa says:

    Hmm, I think I could do a Covid tapestry.
    Much like a Covid Quilt, it would take the participation of many.
    I feel/see something here.
    Let me work on this.
    I know you don’t sew, so I would ask all donators to send a piece they worked on/designed or a packet of squares of solid fabric, or just a piece of solid that I could cut into squares/rectangles/circles.
    Let me see!

    • I would sew a square for you. Just let me know the size and when you want it. I’m in. Deb will make one too. I’ll advertise it on my blog. I’m sure Holly will as well.

      • Resa says:

        I’m just working on the concept in my brain.
        #1 – I should get a Post Office Box for people to mail their squares to me…. If it catches on I could get a lot of mail…. maybe all of it wouldn’t be good. Some people still think Covid is a hoax.
        Do you think a PO Box is a good idea?

        (You could just send yours to me, personal)

        You could use markers that don’t wash out, and draw a Chicklet(s) on a square. You wouldn’t have to sew it!
        Others who can’t sew could draw or write messages.
        Also, people could send squares of any size, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc.
        It would be, as a tapestry, not as rigidly uniform as a quit’s needs.
        Hey, People could send in crocheted squares, or knitted squares.

    • Resa!! This is fabulous! Can’t wait to hear what you decide on. I’m not a seamstress at all… sewing on a button is a project for me LOL but i will happily contribute a square, triangle, whatever ya need!!

  12. You absolutely HAVE to get a P.O. Box. No question about it. I don’t doubt that you will get a lot of mail. Your ideas sound good to me. If anyone could make all hose different fabrics fit together beautifully, it would be you. You may want to choose a size, but it’s certainly not necessary. You will need to promote yourself, TV, newsprint, in order for it to become something bigger and raise awareness. I think it’s wonderful. ❤

  13. Henry Lewis says:

    Unfortunately many of us have waited 4 l-o-n-g years for the conspiracy theorists to wake up, and at this point I dont believe it’s possible. Ive heard doctors say that some of their covid patients — who are lying in a hospital bed gravely ill — still dont believe their illness is due to the coronavirus because they bought into the BS that it’s a hoax. OMG, the insanity of it all! Still, I fully support the ideas you’ve presented.

    • It’s pathetic for sure. Just shows what brain washing is all about. How insane that they can’t believe why they are sick. I feel bad for the medial staff that has to deal with those people. They are working day and night to save people who did nothing to save themselves. I just thought making an art installment so people could SEE how many people have died, would wake some people up, but you’re right. It won’t. That’s the saddest thing of all. What a mess. This country may never come together again. The divisions are far to deep and every election, from now on, is going to be a huge battle.

  14. A visual is a great idea… but you are right it can’t be here and there…buttons and such but one massive visual.

  15. Ricardo Ribas says:

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